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Engineering Extracellular Vesicles to Target Pancreatic Tissue In Vivo

Epigenetic Control of Carotenogenesis During Plant Development

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Human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell‐derived extracellular vesicles impede the progression of cervical cancer via the miR‐144‐3p/CEP55 pathway

Biological Roles and Clinical Significance of Exosome-Derived Noncoding RNAs in Bladder Cancer

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Expression of E-Cadherin in Epithelial Cancer Cells Increases Cell Motility and Directionality through the Localization of ZO-1 during Collective Cell Migration

Effect of platelet‐derived growth factor‐BB on gap junction and connexin43 in rat penile corpus cavernosum smooth muscle cells

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Neuromuscular Junction Model optimized for electrical platforms.

Macrophage-derived exosome-mimetic hybrid vesicles for tumor targeted drug delivery.

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Exosome-Based Vaccines: History, Current State, and Clinical Trials

Means of intracellular communication: touching, kissing, fusing

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CellCall: integrating paired ligand–receptor and transcription factor activities for cell–cell communication

The PUB4 E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Is Responsible for the Variegated Phenotype Observed upon Alteration of Chloroplast Protein Homeostasis in Arabidopsis Cotyledons

020 Sleep Quality Affects the Plasma Exosomal MicroRNA Expression Profile in Military Personnel with Traumatic Brain Injury

Milk Exosomes Transfer Oligosaccharides into Macrophages to Modulate Immunity and Attenuate Adherent-Invasive E. coli (AIEC) Infection

Factors Affecting Extracellular Vesicles Based Drug Delivery Systems

Heterogeneity in combined immunodeficiencies with associated or syndromic features (Review)

Polyphosphate Expression by Cancer Cell Extracellular Vesicles Mediates Binding of Factor XII and Contact Activation.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived Extracellular Vesicles as a New Cell Free Biological Regenerative Therapy

The Emerging Roles and Therapeutic Potential of Extracellular Vesicles in Infertility

Giardia duodenalis extracellular vesicles regulate the proinflammatory immune response in mouse macrophages in vitro via the MAPK, AKT and NF-κB pathways

Inhibition of tumor progression and M2 microglial polarization by extracellular vesicle-mediated microRNA-124 in a 3D microfluidic glioblastoma microenvironment

P–267 Characterising a novel embryo grading system for 4-cell embryos including symmetry, fragmentation, cell configuration, cell contacts per cell, distance between cells, and cell adhesion strength

Role of a metastatic suppressor gene KAI1/CD82 in the diagnosis and prognosis of breast cancer

The Multifunctionality of Exosomes; from the Garbage Bin of the Cell to a Next Generation Gene and Cellular Therapy

Comprehensive Proteomic Analysis Revealed a Large Number of Newly Identified Proteins in the Small Extracellular Vesicles of Milk from Late-Stage Lactating Cows

A Natural Membrane Vesicle Exosome-based Sinomenine Delivery Platform for Hepatic Carcinoma Therapy.

Cellular crosstalk in cardioprotection: where and when do reactive oxygen species play a role?

EVs from BALF—Mediators of Inflammation and Potential Biomarkers in Lung Diseases

Coronaviruses construct an interconnection way with ERAD and autophagy

Liquid-liquid phase separation as a common organizing principle of intracellular space and biomembranes providing dynamic adaptive responses.

Sugar Functionalization of Silks with Pathway-Controlled Substitution and Properties.

Expedition into Exosome Biology: A Perspective of Progress from Discovery to Therapeutic Development

Current theranostic approaches for metastatic cancers through hypoxia-induced exosomal packaged cargo.

Massaging the message: an abundance of communication pathways used and abused

Comprehensive analysis of lectin-glycan interactions reveals determinants of lectin specificity

La comunicación, factor estratégico en el universo y en la evolución de las especies

Exosomes as delivery tools in cancer therapy: Future perspectives

Uniaxially fixed mechanical boundary condition elicits cellular alignment in collagen matrix with induction of osteogenesis

Lectin Affinity Chromatography: An Efficient Method to Purify Horse IgG3.

Osteosarcoma Cell-Derived Exosomal miR-1307 Promotes Tumorgenesis via Targeting AGAP1

Depletion of Mitochondrial Components from Extracellular Vesicles Secreted from Astrocytes in a Mouse Model of Fragile X Syndrome

Extracellular Vesicles and HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders: Implications in Neuropathogenesis and Disease Diagnosis.

Analysis of peptides and small proteins in preparations of horse milk exosomes, purified on anti-CD81-Sepharose

The Plasma Membrane at the Cornerstone Between Flexibility and Adaptability: Implications for Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a Cell Factory

Lysosomes and Cancer Progression: A Malignant Liaison

Exosomal MicroRNAs as Biomarkers in Allergic Asthma.

D-Tryptophan governs biofilm formation rates and bacterial interaction in P. mendocina and S. aureus

Breast Cancer Metastasis: Are Cytokines Important Players During Its Development and Progression?

Extra Purified Exosomes from Human Placenta Contain an Unpredictable Small Number of Different Major Proteins

Cellular Redox Compartments.

Abstract 707: Emerging role of mitochondrial pathway in crosstalk between ferroptosis and apoptosis

Neuroprotective Effect of Glial Cell-Derived Exosomes on Neurons

Human marrow stromal cells secrete microRNA-375-containing exosomes to regulate glioma progression

PTEN in the Stroma.

Immunoregulatory impact of human mesenchymal-conditioned media and mesenchymal derived exosomes on monocytes

Plasma Corticotropin-Releasing Factor Receptors and B7-2+ Extracellular Vesicles in Blood Correlate with Irritable Bowel Syndrome Disease Severity

Distinct glycosylation in membrane proteins within neonatal versus adult myocardial tissue.

Cytotoxicity of cucurbitacin E from Citrullus colocynthis against multidrug-resistant cancer cells.

Mechanisms associated with biogenesis of exosomes in cancer

The Effect of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Exosomes to Treat Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

Clinical implications of extracellular vesicles in neurodegenerative diseases

Clinical Significance as Biomarkers of Exosomes in Cancer

Neglected Agent Eminent Disease: Linking Human Helminthic Infection, Inflammation, and Malignancy

Exosomes May Be the Potential New Direction of Research in Osteoarthritis Management

Oxidative stress modulates the expression of apoptosis-associated microRNAs in bovine granulosa cells in vitro

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