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Knowledge first, stability and value

Truth Matters: Living in Dangerous Times - Aquinas on the Virtue of Truth-Telling

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University as an Environment of Innovative Interactions

Communicating Moral Legitimacy in Controversial Industries: The Trade in Human Tissue

Instrumental Value sentence examples within instrumental value relative

Knowledge first, stability and value

Knowledge first, stability and value

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A Neurocomputational Model for Intrinsic Reward

Do mathematical explanations have instrumental value?

Social support for integration practices of Ukrainian veterans in higher education

The Impact of a Gameful Breathing Training Visualization on Intrinsic Experiential Value, Perceived Effectiveness, and Engagement Intentions: Between-subject Online Experiment (Preprint)

Towards digital sustainability: the long journey to the sustainable development goals 2030

Chineseness, Taiwaneseness, and the traditional and simplified Chinese scripts:Tourism, identity, and linguistic commodification

(How) Does Diversity Still Matter for the IPCC? Instrumental, Substantive and Co-Productive Logics of Diversity in Global Environmental Assessments

The Reassurance Effect: Paradoxical Preferences in Information Acquisition

Seal hunting in Newfoundland from the perspective of local people

The role of interpersonal networks in managerial role transition: a case study of a state agency in the United States


Peculiarities of hierarchy of leaders’ personal values

The impact of digitalization in the public sector: a systematic literature review

Justifying an Intentional Species Extinction: The Case of Anopheles gambiae

Environmental compensation for biodiversity and ecosystem services: A flexible framework that addresses human wellbeing

Towards a Response to Epistemic Nihilism

Referent product information from a credible source: How front line employees can stimulate acceptance of incrementally new food products

Connection to nature and relational values: an empirical study of human-nature relationships to explore essential factors in environmental education and environmental psychology

Mahimabhaṭṭa on Literary Being


Measuring relational values: do people in Greater Tokyo appreciate place-based nature and general nature differently?

The Myth of Equal Opportunity in Germany? Wage Inequality and the Role of (Non-)academic Family Background for Differences in Capital Endowments and Returns on the Labour Market

Public preferences for allocating absolute scarce critical healthcare resources during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Reason-Giving Force of Requests

Socioeconomic Justice. International Intervention and Transition in Post-war Bosnia and Herzegovina

Identifying ethical values for guiding triage decisions during the COVID-19 pandemic: an Italian ethical committee perspective using Delphi methodology

Diagnostic Performance of Ultrasound Computer-Aided Diagnosis Software Compared with That of Radiologists with Different Levels of Expertise for Thyroid Malignancy: A Multicenter Prospective Study.

Entre a essencialidade e a instrumentalidade do patrimônio: valores institucionais e participação social na gestão da conservação urbana

Leadership Style in Improving Management Ethics at the Madrasah Aliyah

Validation of a Perception of Objectification in the Workplace Short Scale (POWS)

Immigrant optimism or immigrant pragmatism? Linguistic capital, orientation towards science and occupational expectations of adolescent immigrants

Social Behavior of University Students in Civic Sphere (Based on Results of Sociological Study in Rostov Region, Russia)

Rule-based space characterization for rumour detection in health

The protracted exodus of migrants from Hyderabad in the time of COVID-19

Wartość „dojrzała miłość” w systemie wartości młodzieży

Conceptualizing financial capability: evidence from Indonesia

A New Argument for the Non-Instrumental Value of Truth

Who will receive the last ventilator: why COVID-19 policies should not prioritise healthcare workers

The modern transformation of family governance: co-evolve of family authority and family formal institution

Homecoming without Nostalgia: Local Communities and the Reintroduction of the Wild Forest Reindeer (Rangifer tarandus sennicus) in Finland

Consequentialist Reasons for Some Education Reforms

The intrinsic value of risky prospects

Alienation in the AI-Driven Workplace

An Interdisciplinary Perspective on the Value of Envy

Development of Students Social and Value Orientations Towards Training State and Municipal Management

Values and Value Orientations of Adolescents and Young People in Pre-Pandemic and Pandemic Situations

People are Better at Maintaining Positive Than Negative Emotional States

Wittgenstein on aesthetics and philosophy = Wittgenstein sobre la estética y la filosofía

[Milk, blood, tears as offerings: the manipulation of feminine body fluids as a support for an ethical elaboration for the biosphere.]

Do mathematical explanations have instrumental value?

Understanding Migrants Valued Capabilities and Functionings

The effects of father’s value of children and cultural orientation on the father’s parenting involvement

Valuation of nature and nature’s contributions to people

The Incompatibility of Democracy and Equal Freedom

Doing Bad to Look Good: Negative Consequences of Image Concerns on Prosocial Behavior

Opportunités et obstacles pour la viabilité environnementale : une analyse socioéconomique et politique (Opportunities and Challenges for Environmental Sustainability)

Disentangling ‘ecosystem services’ and ‘nature’s contributions to people’

Democracy and Interstate War

Democracy and Development

Doing Bad to Look Good: Negative Consequences of Image Concerns on Pro-social Behavior

Ethos is Destiny: Organizational Values and Compliance in Corporate Governance

The interplay between economics, legislative power and social influence examined through a social-ecological framework for marine ecosystems services.


Caring relationships and their role in users’ choices: a study of users of Direct Payments in England

The positive value of moral distress.

Predicting the legitimacy of wolf recovery

Breaking Free of Class Constraints—A Qualitative Study of 10 Post-80s Rural Children with Higher Educational Attainment

Work Values, Organisational Commitment and Job Satisfaction in Relation to Employee Career Stages in Information Technology Organisations

Ценностные ориентации предпринимателей в сфере семьи и бизнеса

The Expressive Turn of International Criminal Justice: A Field in Search of Meaning

The human right to work: The tension between intrinsic and instrumental values in five teachers’ stories from the industrial technology programme

Adaptation of the Idea of Phronesis in Contemporary Approach to Innovation

The communicative value of local languages: An underestimated interest in theories of linguistic justice

Behind the wine glass: values that guide consumption in Minas Gerais – Brazil

Gender and E-Participation in Local Governance: Citizen E-Participation Values and Social Ties

The UN convention on the rights of the child, decentralisation and legislative integration: a case study from Wales

Doing Bad to Look Good: Negative Consequences of Image Concerns on Pro-Social Behavior

What explains citizens’ valuations of and attitudes towards agricultural biodiversity? : Results of an exploratory survey of Dutch students

Taking Utilitarianism Seriously


AI’s path to the present and the painful transitions along the way

Participation, Empowerment and Capabilities: Key Lessons and Future Challenges

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