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Instrumental Texture sentence examples within water activity aw

Partial replacement of pork backfat with konjac gel in Northeastern Thai fermented sausage (Sai Krok E-san) to produce the healthier product

Production, physical, chemical and sensory evaluation of dried banana (Musa cavendish)

Instrumental Texture sentence examples within instrumental texture parameter

Intrinsic mechanical properties of food in relation to texture parameters

Assessment of Sensory and Texture Profiles of Grape Seeds at Real Maturity Stages Using Image Analysis

Instrumental Texture sentence examples within instrumental texture profile

Relationship between instrumental and sensory texture profile of beef semitendinosus muscles with different textures.

Correlation between Sensory and Instrumental Textural Attributes of Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) fruits: Technical Note

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Instrumental Texture sentence examples within instrumental texture property

How macroscopic structure of 3D printed protein bars filled with chocolate influences instrumental and sensory texture

The Application of Pureed Butter Beans and a Combination of Inulin and Rebaudioside A for the Replacement of Fat and Sucrose in Sponge Cake: Sensory and Physicochemical Analysis

Instrumental Texture sentence examples within instrumental texture analysi

NIR Analysis of Intact Grape Berries: Chemical and Physical Properties Prediction Using Multivariate Analysis

Instrumental indicators of desirable texture attributes of French fries

Characterization of salt-preserved orange peel using physico-chemical, microbiological, and sensory analyses

Physical and hydration properties of specialty floury and sweet maize kernels subjected to pan and microwave toasting

Studies on the Impact of Partial Replacement of Sodium Chloride with Potassium Lactate on Quality Attributes of Buffalo Calf Meat Rolls

Technological quality and sensory acceptability of nutritive bars produced with Brazil nut and baru almond coproducts

Impact of different dairy wheys on quality parameters of ice cream

Root and tuber flours to improve nutritional quality in instant noodles

Effects of long-term frozen storage on the quality and acceptance of gluten-free cassava pasta

The impact of emerging domestic and commercial electro-heating technologies on energy consumption and quality parameters of cooked beef.

Insights into Drivers of Liking for Avocado Pulp (Persea americana): Integration of Descriptive Variables and Predictive Modeling


Surimi-like protein ingredient from porcine spleen as lean meat replacer in emulsion-type sausages.

Determinación del índice de frescura en Sardina pilchardus

Peloids as Thermotherapeutic Agents

Commercial special bread: Evaluation of texture, color, moisture content, water activity and nutritional labeling

The effect of structure and texture on the breakdown pattern during mastication and impacts on in vitro starch digestibility of high fibre rye extrudates.

Effect of texturised soy protein and yeast on the instrumental and sensory quality of hybrid beef meatballs

Exploring emotional responses to orchestral gestures

Potential Impact of Oat Ingredient Type on Oral Fragmentation of Biscuits and Oro-Digestibility of Starch—An In Vitro Approach

Hydrocolloids effect on coating batter and on organoleptic properties of rissol regenerated in oven and comparison with deep-frying process

Optimising the acceptability of reduced-salt ham with flavourings using a mixture design.

Effect of Wheat Bran Incorporation on the Physical and Sensory Properties of a South African Cereal Fried Dough

Variations in the Texture Profile Analysis (TPA) Properties of Clay/Mineral-Medicinal Water Mixtures for Pelotherapy: Effect of Anion Type

Development and characterization of fresh sausages made with marine catfish Sciades herzbergii (Bloch, 1794)

Amla fruit powder addition influences objective color and instrumental texture of pan bread

Quality Attributes of Functional Pork Patties Incorporated with Kinnow (Citrus reticulata) Pomace Powder

A simplex lattice design to optimise active modified atmosphere for storing pomegranate (cv. Wonderful) arils: Part II, determining optimum gas for maintaining quality attributes

Effect of replacing pork backfat with Echium oil on technological and sensory characteristics of bologna sausages with reduced sodium content

Research on migration path and structuring role of water in rice grain during soaking

Impact of the content and size of NaCl on dynamic sensory profile and instrumental texture of beef burgers.

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Instrumental Texture 楽器の質感
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