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Differentiating effort-related aspects of motivation from reinforcement learning: commentary on Soder et al. “Dose–response effects of d-amphetamine on effort-based decision-making and reinforcement learning”

Nigrostriatal Dopamine Signals Sequence-Specific Action-Outcome Prediction Errors

Dopamine sensitization by methamphetamine treatment prior to instrumental training delays the transition into habit in female rats

Engrailed 2 deficiency and chronic stress alter avoidance and motivation behaviors

Nigrostriatal dopamine signals sequence-specific action-outcome prediction errors

Altered cortico-subcortical network after adolescent alcohol exposure mediates behavioral deficits in flexible decision-making

What are the odds? Predicting the likelihood of a negative episode in a sample of toddlers with autism spectrum disorder

New functions of the rodent prelimbic and infralimbic cortex in instrumental behavior

Further Analysis of the Response Deprivation Hypothesis: Application of the Disequilibrium Model to Novel Clinical Contexts

Cue-motivated reward seeking is negatively regulated by expected reward magnitude in Pavlovian-instrumental transfer

The Psychological Foundations of Ritual Learning

The Differential Effects of the Amount of Training on Sensitivity of Distinct Actions to Reward Devaluation

Enhanced Population Coding for Rewarded Choices in the Medial Frontal Cortex of the Mouse.

Capitalism, Hacking, and Digital Media

Stress-induced impairment in goal-directed instrumental behaviour is moderated by baseline working memory

Habits Without Values

Striatopallidal Pathway Distinctly Modulates Goal-Directed Valuation and Acquisition of Instrumental Behavior via Striatopallidal Output Projections.

Dressing toddlers at the Emmi Pikler nursery school in Budapest: caregiver instrumental behavioral pattern

Electrophysiology of goal-directed versus habitual control during outcome devaluation

NMDA Receptor-Dependent Cholinergic Modulation of Mesolimbic Dopamine Cell Bodies: Neurochemical and Behavioral Studies.

Effect of a Responsiveness-based support intervention on smokeless tobacco cessation: The UCare-ChewFree randomized clinical trial.

Neural Response Patterns During Pavlovian-to-Instrumental Transfer Predict Alcohol Relapse and Young Adult Drinking

Emotional Reactivity to Incentive Downshift in Adult Rats Exposed to Binge-Like Ethanol Exposure During Adolescence

Delayed rewards facilitate habit formation.

Involvement of the rodent prelimbic and medial orbitofrontal cortices in goal‐directed action: A brief review

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