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Electrochemical simulation of metabolism for antitumor‐active imidazoacridinone C‐1311 and in silico prediction of drug metabolic reactions

International Commissions of Inquiry in a Networked World: Unveiling the Roles of Diasporas through an Eritrean Case Study

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International Commissions of Inquiry in a Networked World: Unveiling the Roles of Diasporas through an Eritrean Case Study

Youth, politics and republicanism in the formative years of the state of Israel

‘Rio+25’, The Global Compact in Brazil and Opportunities Presented by the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Who wants to be collectively guilty? A causal role for motivation in the regulation of collective guilt

Modernità o capitalismo? Tornare davvero sulla terra

Design for sustainability models: a multiperspective review

Graduate employability: Beyond the skills agenda

Culture Wars and a Judge’s Roman Piety

Implementing a First-Year Experience Curriculum in a Large Lecture Course: Opportunities, Challenges and Myths

Chronic low back pain and postural rehabilitation exercise: a literature review

Reviewing Vietnam Geography Textbooks from an ESD Perspective

How Do Public Relations Practitioners Build Social Capital


Synergy of Photoinduced Force Microscopy and Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy—A Correlative Study on MoS2

Schlucken im Alter

Towards a definition of “mathematical digital competency”

The Diaphragm Muscle Manual Evaluation Scale

CSR as hypocrisy avoidance: a conceptual framework

Legal activity of an individual in criminal law and environmental policy

Postmodern Turn in North American Social Studies Education: Considering Identities, Contexts, and Discourses

A Recurrent Abdominal Pain with Chronic Constipation

The politics of “usable” knowledge: examining the development of climate services in Tanzania

Estudio longitudinal de la capacidad de representación simbólica de niños y niñas en el ciclo 3-6 de Educación Infantil al abordar tareas relativas a dictados matemáticos

Tipping the balance back towards emancipation: exploring the positions of Flemish community sport practitioners towards social control


Populism and Human Rights

Chemistry for Audio Heritage Preservation: A Review of Analytical Techniques for Audio Magnetic Tapes

The role of local self-government in the Polish constitutional system

Remote Sensing of Sea Surface Salinity: Comparison of Satellite and In Situ Observations and Impact of Retrieval Parameters

Reading, engagement and higher education

A Review of Adulteration Versus Authentication of Flour

Capillary electrophoresis‐based approaches for the study of affinity interactions combined with various sensitive and nontraditional detection techniques

Robotique pédagogique à l’école primaire : quelle activité des élèves de Classe Préparatoire (6-7 ans) et quels apprentissages dans une séquence conçue par l’enseignant ?

Community participation in school governance: The Maasai community in Kenya

Dissecting the empirical-normative divide in business ethics: The contribution of systems theory

Discourses of wellbeing and environmental impact of trail runners in protected areas in New Zealand and the United Kingdom


[Swallowing in the elderly : Physiological changes, dysphagia, diagnostics and treatment].

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