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An examination of microstructural evolution in a Pb–Sn eutectic alloy processed by high-pressure torsion and subsequent self-annealing

Wetting a superomniphobic porous system.

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Empirical Flow Rate/Pressure Drop Relationships for Capillaries of Triangular and Rectangular Cross-Sections to be Used in Yield Stress Fluid Porosimetry

Relationship between channel flow initiation and crustal viscosity in convergent settings: an analog modeling approach

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Simulation of the hydrodynamics in the onset of fouling for oil-water core-annular flow in a horizontal pipe

Hydraulic Diffusivity of a Partially Open Rough Fracture

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Optimising Dead-End Cake Filtration Using Poroelasticity Theory

Accelerating Taylor bubbles within circular capillary channels: Break-up mechanisms and regimes

Spalling of concrete cover induced by reinforcement

Azimuthal equatorial flows in spherical coordinates with discontinuous stratification

Numerical study to control the filler distribution in fibrous media during the particle-filled resin transfer molding process

Resprouting drives successional pathways and the resilience of Caatinga dry forest in human-modified landscapes

DEM numerical tests on dry granular specimens: the role of strain rate under evolving/unsteady conditions

The One-Way FSI Method Based on RANS-FEM for the Open Water Test of a Marine Propeller at the Different Loading Conditions

Numerical studies of laminar flow over two tandem elliptical cylinders using Ramanujan approximation

Water environmental protection in craft villages of Vietnam

An emerging source of plastic pollution: Environmental presence of plastic personal protective equipment (PPE) debris related to COVID-19 in a metropolitan city☆

Assessment of Automatically Monitored Water Levels and Water Quality Indicators in Rivers with Different Hydromorphological Conditions and Pollution Levels in Greece

“It’s My Fault”: Exploring Experiences and Mental Wellness Among Korean International Graduate Students

A novel assessment of microstructural and mechanical behaviour of bilayer silica-reinforced nanocomposite hydrogels as a candidate for artificial cartilage.

Electric field-induced pinch-off of a compound droplet in Poiseuille flow

Work-related musculoskeletal disorder among surgeons in Gujarat

The Combined Thermal and Mechanical Effect of an Interstitial Gas on Thermal Rectification Between Periodically Grooved Surfaces

How I set up positive end-expiratory pressure: evidence- and physiology-based!

Conductimetry technique for the measurement of thin liquid film thickness between two solid surfaces in relative motion: hydrodynamic lubrication

‘Screening for Cartels’ in Public Procurement: Cheating at Solitaire to Sell Fool’s Gold?

A simplified semi-analytical model for the filling and cooling process in plastic molding

Molecular simulation of the constant composition expansion experiment in shale multi-scale systems

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Secondary changes of cardiac function in a pig model of mechanical ventilation improved abdominal hypertension liquid

Free-surface, purely azimuthal equatorial flows in spherical coordinates with stratification

The Good Egg by J., J., and P. Oswald

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Imposed Pressure 課せられた圧力
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