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Effects of Processing Parameters on the Surface Quality of Wrought Ni-based Superalloy by Ultrasonic Assisted Electrochemical Grinding

Evolution of microstructure and texture in the third generation Al–Li alloy AA2195 during warm hybrid processing

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Optimizing the Spectral Efficiency in mmWave Massive SU-MIMO Systems Using Hybrid Processing

Low-Complexity Hybrid Analog-Digital Signal Detector for Uplink Multiuser Massive MIMO Systems

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Analysis on leading-fiber-induced Doppler noise in interferometric FBG sensor arrays using polarization switching and PGC hybrid processing method.

Tribological characteristics and advanced processing methods of textured surfaces: a review

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Laser-induced oxidation-assisted micromilling of deep narrow microgroove on Inconel 718

Improving the efficiency of metal-bonded diamond abrasive end tools by improving manufacturing technology

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Shape Optimization for Lightweight of the Metal 3D Printing Based Hybrid Machining Center

Data Processing and Development of Big Data System: A Survey

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Novel sensor-based tool wear monitoring approach for seamless implementation in high speed milling applications

Novel utilization of liquid feedstock in high velocity air fuel (HVAF) spraying to deposit solid lubricant reinforced wear resistant coatings

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In-orbit demonstration of artificial intelligence applied to hyperspectral and thermal sensing from space

XPPE: cross-platform performance estimation of hardware accelerators using machine learning

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Spectral Efficiency for Multi-pair Massive MIMO Two-Way Relay Networks with Hybrid Processing

Deep CNN-Based Channel Estimation for mmWave Massive MIMO Systems

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Tailoring microstructure and mechanical property of laser powder deposited Inconel 718 superalloy via hybrid processing strategies

A review of processing techniques for graphene-reinforced metal matrix composites

Towards the assessment of realistic hybrid precoding in millimeter wave MIMO systems with hardware impairments

Mutual Information Maximizing Wideband Multi-User (wMU) mmWave Massive MIMO

Hybrid Interference Mitigation Using Analog Prewhitening

A review on compatibility between crumb rubber and asphalt binder

Additive manufacturing of structural ceramics: a historical perspective

A hybrid post-processing method for improving the surface quality of additively manufactured metal parts

Hybrid decoupling techniques using spatial modulation in uplink mmWave massive MU-MIMO systems

A distributed event-driven architectural model based on situational awareness applied on internet of things

Improving Reliability of ReRAM-Based DNN Implementation through Novel Weight Distribution

Advanced Coatings by Thermal Spray Processes

Study of Metal/Polymer Interface of Parts Produced by a Hybrid Additive Manufacturing Approach

Rethinking Uplink Hybrid Processing: When Is Pure Analog Processing Suggested?

Towards Analyzing the Performance of Hybrid Edge-Cloud Processing

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Hybrid Processing ハイブリッド処理
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