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States of low energy in bouncing inflationary scenarios in loop quantum cosmology

Analytical investigation of pre-inflationary effects in the primordial power spectrum: from General Relativity to hybrid Loop Quantum Cosmology

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A Bluetooth 5 Transceiver With a Phase-Tracking RX and Its Corresponding Digital Baseband in 40-nm CMOS

A 25-Gb/s, 2.1-pJ/bit, Fully Integrated Optical Receiver With a Baud-Rate Clock and Data Recovery

A theoretical investigation of a controlled hybrid mechanical/capillary pumped loop

A 6.78 MHz, 95.0% Peak Efficiency Monolithic Two-Dimensional Calibrated Active Rectifier for Wirelessly Powered Implantable Biomedical Devices

A discrete dislocation dynamics study of precipitate bypass mechanisms in nickel-based superalloys

Multiband hybrid loop-notch antennas

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