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Gut commensal-derived butyrate reverses obesity-induced social deficits and anxiety-like behaviors via regulation of microglial homeostasis.

Mifepristone (RU486) inhibits dietary lipid digestion by antagonizing the role of glucocorticoid receptor on lipase transcription

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Effects of Live and Pasteurized Forms of Akkermansia from the Human Gut on Obesity and Metabolic Dysregulation

Effects of Jowiseungki-tang on high fat diet-induced obesity in mice and functional analysis on network pharmacology and metabolomics analysis.

Sesamol promotes browning of white adipocytes to ameliorate obesity by inducing mitochondrial biogenesis and inhibition mitophagy via β3-AR/PKA signaling pathway

Monascus ruber fermented Panax ginseng ameliorates lipid metabolism disorders and modulate gut microbiota in rats fed a high-fat diet.

Dietary anthocyanin-rich extract of açai protects from diet-induced obesity, liver steatosis, and insulin resistance with modulation of gut microbiota in mice.

Chlorogenic Acid Alleviates Colon Mucosal Damage Induced by a High-Fat Diet via Gut Microflora Adjustment to Increase Short-Chain Fatty Acid Accumulation in Rats

Effect of Monoclonal Antibody Blockade of Long Fragment Neurotensin on Weight Loss, Behavior, and Metabolic Traits After High-Fat Diet Induced Obesity

URAT1-selective inhibition ameliorates insulin resistance by attenuating diet-induced hepatic steatosis and BAT whitening in mice

Effect of High-Fat Diet on Systolic Blood Pressure in STZ-Induced Diabetic Adolescent Sprague Dawley Rats

Trefoil Factor Family Member 2 Expression as an Indicator of the Severity of the High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity

1-trifluoromethoxyphenyl-3(1-propionylpiperidin-4-yl) urea (TPPU), a soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitor attenuates high fat diet-induced cardiovascular and metabolic disorders in rats.

DsbA-L deficiency in T cells promotes diet-induced thermogenesis through suppressing IFN-γ production

Microglia-specific knock-down of Bmal1 improves memory and protects mice from high fat diet-induced obesity

Impact of protocatechuic acid on high fat diet-induced metabolic syndrome sequelae in rats.

Lactobacillus plantarum dy-1 fermented barley extraction activates white adipocyte browning in high-fat diet-induced obese rats.

Amelioration effect of black seed oil against high-fat diet-induced obesity in rats through Nrf2/HO-1 pathway.

Long-term diet-induced obesity does not lead to learning and memory impairment in adult mice

Effects of Diet-Induced Obesity on Hypothalamic Kisspeptin-Neurokinin-Dynorphin (KNDy) Neurons and Luteinizing Hormone Secretion in Sex Hormone-Primed Male and Female Rats

Ipragliflozin, an SGLT2 Inhibitor, Ameliorates High-Fat Diet-Induced Metabolic Changes by Upregulating Energy Expenditure through Activation of the AMPK/SIRT1 Pathway.

Mechanistic insight into high-fat diet-induced metabolic inflammation in the arcuate nucleus of the hypothalamus.

Perilla Seed Oil Alleviates Gut Dysbiosis, Intestinal Inflammation and Metabolic Disturbance in Obese-Insulin-Resistant Rats

GCSF deficiency attenuates non-alcoholic fatty liver disease through regulating GCSFR-SOCS3-JAK-STAT3 pathway and immune cells infiltration.

Evaluation of the Dose-Dependent Effects of Fermented Mixed Grain Enzyme Food on Adiposity and Its Metabolic Disorders in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese Mice.

Adipose-derived exosomes impairs endothelial transient receptor potential vanilloid 4 channels and elevates blood pressure in abdominal obesity

Lactiplantibacillus plantarum H-87 prevents high-fat diet-induced obesity by regulating bile acid metabolism in C57BL/6J mice.

Combined Supplementation with Vitamin B-6 and Curcumin is Superior to Either Agent Alone in Suppressing Obesity-Promoted Colorectal Tumorigenesis in Mice.

Uridine attenuates obesity, ameliorates hepatic lipid accumulation and modifies the gut microbiota composition in mice fed with a high-fat diet.

Deficiency of intestinal Bmal1 prevents obesity induced by high-fat feeding

Free fatty acids induce the demethylation of the fructose 1,6-biphosphatase 2 gene promoter and potentiate its expression in hepatocytes.

Moderate calorie restriction ameliorates reproduction via attenuating oxidative stress-induced apoptosis through SIRT1 signaling in obese mice.

Knockout of nephron ATP6AP2 impairs proximal tubule function and prevents high fat diet induced obesity in male mice.

Differential organ-specific inflammatory response to progranulin in high-fat diet-fed mice

Effects of Edible Insect Tenebrio molitor Larva Fermentation Extract as a Substitute Protein on Hepatosteatogenesis and Proteomic Changes in Obese Mice Induced by High-Fat Diet

Dietary betaine prevents obesity through gut microbiota-drived microRNA-378a family

Amomum villosumLour. fruit extract ameliorates high-fat diet-induced body mass gain and adipogenic pathways in C57BL/6 mice

Parathyroid hormone-related protein prevents high-fat-diet-induced obesity, hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance in mice.

Intermittent cold exposure improves glucose homeostasis despite exacerbating diet-induced obesity in mice housed at thermoneutrality.

Pomegranate fruit pulp polyphenols reduce diet-induced obesity with modulation of gut microbiota in mice.

Dpp4+ interstitial progenitor cells contribute to basal and high fat diet-induced adipogenesis.

High-Fat Diet-Induced Obesity Aggravates Food Allergy by Intestinal Barrier Destruction and Inflammation.

Male but not female mice with severe osteogenesis imperfecta are partially protected from high-fat diet-induced obesity.

Simvastatin Retards Cartilage Degradation and Improves Subchondral Bone Microstructure in Osteoarthritis Mice Induced by High-fat Diet

Extracts from the Leaves of Cissus verticillata Ameliorate High-Fat Diet-Induced Memory Deficits in Mice

Gut microbiota mediates the effects of curcumin on enhancing Ucp1-dependent thermogenesis and improving high-fat diet-induced obesity.

Obesity Challenge Drives Distinct Maternal Immune Response Changes in Normal Pregnant and Abortion-Prone Mouse Models

Aerobic exercise promotes the functions of brown adipose tissue in obese mice via a mechanism involving COX2 in the VEGF signaling pathway

High-fat diet-induced obesity primes fatty acid β-oxidation impairment and consequent ovarian dysfunction during early pregnancy.

Baicalin attenuates diet-induced obesity partially through promoting thermogenesis in adipose tissue.

Black Current Anthocyanins Improve Lipid Metabolism and Modulate Gut Microbiota in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese Mice.

High-fat diet improves tolerance to myocardial ischemia by delaying normalization of intracellular PH at reperfusion.

High-fat diet triggers obesity-related early infiltration of macrophages into adipose tissue and transient reduction of blood monocyte count.

Alteration of myocardial GRK2 produces a global metabolic phenotype.

The role of gut microbiota in the resistance to obesity in mice fed a high fat diet

Effect of Fractions of Vernonia amygdalina on Some Biochemical Parameters in High Fat Diet Induced Obese Rats.

4T1 Mammary Carcinoma Colonization of Metastatic Niches Is Accelerated by Obesity

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