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Effect of precipitates on the hot embrittlement of 11Cr–3Co–3W martensitic heat resistant steel for turbine high temperature stage blades in ultra-supercritical power plants

A Review of Austenite Memory Effect in HAZ of B Containing 9% Cr Martensitic Heat Resistant Steel

Research on the Application of Thermoelectric Potential Technology in Austenitic Heat-resistant Steel During Aging

Microstructure and Mechanical Characteristics of Dissimilar TIG Welded 9% Cr Heat-Resistant Steels Joints

A composite model for residual creep life assessment in T/P92 heat-resistant steel

Effects of Boron Content on the Microstructure and Impact Toughness of 12Cr1MoVR Low-Alloy Heat-Resistant Steel Weld Metals

Assessment of Damageability of Heat-Resistant Steels by the LM-Hardness Method Under Biaxial Cyclic Tensile Conditions

Determination of Rational Design and Geometric Parameters of a High-Performance Drill Based on a Mathematical Model of the Cutting Part

Structural changes of 12Cr1MoVG steel during high-temperature creep

Optimization of the Die Forging Parameters of 21-4N Heat-Resistant Steel by Processing Maps

Progress of zirconium alloying in iron-based alloys and steels

Investigation on solidification and phase transformation of heterogenous interface structure in dissimilar metal weld between high Cr heat-resistant steel and nickel-based alloy 617

Microstructure Characteristics and Their Effects on the Mechanical Properties of As-Served HR3C Heat-Resistant Steel

Hot Deformation Characteristics and Dynamic Recrystallization Mechanisms of a Newly Developed Austenitic Heat-Resistant Alloy

Features of the Breakdown of Oil Processing Equipment Pipe Element Austenitic Welded Joints

Precipitate Evolution in 22Cr25NiWCuCo(Nb) Austenitic Heat-Resistant Stainless Steel during Heat Treatment at 1200 °C

High Temperature Oxidation Behavior of New Martensitic Heat-Resistant Steel

Economic comparison between sCO2 power cycle and water-steam Rankine cycle for coal-fired power generation system

Investigation on the water vapor oxidation of Super304H at 600 ℃

Transfer from M3B2 boride to BN nitride in 9Cr3W3CoB martensitic heat-resistant steel

Research Situation of Welding Performance for P92 Heat Resistant Steel

Study on W-rich M3B2 borides in a 9Cr3W3CoB heat-resistant steel

Investigation on creep rupture behavior of SA387Gr91 steel welded joint

Formation Mechanism of Laves Phase with Two Morphologies in a Novel 9Cr-3W-3Co-1CuVNbB Steel During Creep Process

Lowering of the Metal Consumption of Rollers and Operating Costs of Through-Type Furnaces of Rolling Mills

Evolution of microstructure in reheated coarse-grained zone of G115 novel martensitic heat-resistant steel

Investigation of the Thermal Strength of Steam Turbine Diaphragms with Reduction of Axial Dimensions

Effect of second-phase particles on the oxidation behaviour of a high-manganese austenitic heat-resistant steel

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Grinding of High-Strength Materials

Research on the Relationship between Carbon Precipitation and Mechanical Properties of Dissimilar Steel Welds

Effect of Aging on the Toughness of Heat-Resistant 22Cr-15Ni-4Cu Austenitic Steel

The influence of chemical composition on the heat resistance of casted structural steel

Microstructural evolution of P92 steel in IN740H/P92 dissimilar weld joints during creep deformation

Precipitation behavior in boundaries and its influence on impact toughness in 22Cr25Ni3W3CuCoNbN steel during short-term ageing

Optimized welding process of residual stress control of P91 steel considering martensitic transformation

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Design, synthesis, microstructure and electrical properties of thermal-strained PZT films

Identification of the Constitutive Model Parameters by Inverse Optimization Method and Characterization of Hot Deformation Behavior for Ultra-Supercritical Rotor Steel

Compensatory bellows oscillations as a corrugated shell with liquid inside

Effects of pre-tempering on the microstructure, hardness and impact toughness of the 2.25Cr–1Mo-0.25V heat-resistant steel weld metal

On Laves phase in a 9Cr3W3CoB martensitic heat resistant steel when aged at high temperatures

The influence of flank lands of end mills on machined surface in milling in the context of chatter

Investigation of the structure and properties of the surface composite layer on VKS-5 steel

A Comparative Study between Linear and Nonlinear Regression Analysis for Prediction of Weld Penetration Profile in AC Waveform Submerged Arc Welding of Heat Resistant Steel

Simulation Centrifugal Casting of the Heat Resistant Austenitic Steel HK 30 Modified by Niobium

The influence of Cu content on high temperature corrosion behavior of heat - resistant molten salt steel

Effect of the dwell time on the microstructure and tensile strength of vacuum-brazed tool steels using BNi-2 filler metal

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