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TRT EVO: Advances in real-time thermodynamic tire modeling for vehicle dynamics simulations

Algorithmic Model of the Cyclic Changes in the Temperature of the Solid Under the Effect of Convective Heat Exchanges with the Environment

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Effect of TIG, pulsed TIG and Interpulse TIG welding techniques on weld strength of dissimilar joints between Monel 400 and AISI 316

Effect of filler wires on weld strength of dissimilar pulse GTA Monel 400 and AISI 304 weldments

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Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Melting Processes: An Approach Combining Data Acquisition and Modeling

Effect of micro- and elevated gravity condition on the evolution of stratification and self-pressurization in a cryogenic propellant tank

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A thermal compensated model for predicting the internal combustion of energetic materials in a combustion chamber

A Review on Hydrodynamical Stability of Thin Film Flowing Along an Inclined Plane

Introduction to Constructal Law Analysis for a Simplified Hourly Energy Balance Model of Residential Buildings at District Scale

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Energetic modeling, simulation and experimental of hydrogen desorption in a hydride tank

Development of a Multilayer Urban Canopy Model Combined with a Ray Tracing Algorithm

Kajian Eksperimen Pengaruh Lingkungan Panas Terhadap Suhu Kulit Manusia Menggunakan Fast Response Temperature Probe PS-2135 dan Temperature Array PS-2157

A Level-of-Detail Technique for Urban Physics Calculations in Large Urban Environments

Quantifying the effects of different cold air events on latent and sensible heat fluxes of Lake Taihu

A 3-D nonlinear thermal circuit model of underground MV power cables and their joints

Model of an Electric Arc Furnace Oxy-Fuel Burner for dynamic simulations and optimisation purposes.

Numerical Study of a Thermally Stressed State of a Rod

Characteristics of CO2, water vapor, and energy exchanges at a headwater wetland ecosystem of the Qinghai Lake

Multi-component Liquids

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The origin, significance and plasticity of the thermoeffector thresholds: Extrapolation between humans and laboratory rodents.

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Analysis of the Thermal Performance and Comfort Conditions of Vernacular Rammed Earth Architecture From Southern Portugal

Exergy Analysis and Process Optimization with Variable Environment Temperature

Particle flow and heat transfer in fluidized bed-in-tube solar receivers

A multi-objective optimization problem in mixed and natural convection for a vertical channel asymmetrically heated

Heat and groundwater transport between the Antarctic Ice Sheet and subglacial sedimentary basins from electromagnetic geophysical measurements

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Heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics of tubular channel partially filled with grooved metal foams

Canopy and soil thermal patterns to support water and heat stress management in vineyards

Generation of spatially complete and daily continuous surface soil moisture of high spatial resolution

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