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Grazing Pressure sentence examples within High Grazing Pressure

Assessment of post-wildfire soil quality and its recovery in semi-arid upland rangelands in Central Iran through selecting the minimum data set and quantitative soil quality index

Spatial patterns of argan-tree influence on soil quality of intertree areas in open woodlands in South Morocco

Grazing Pressure sentence examples within Increased Grazing Pressure

Impacts of Marine Heatwaves on Algal Structure and Carbon Sequestration in Conjunction With Ocean Warming and Acidification

Ecosystem productivity and CO2 exchange response to the interaction of livestock grazing and rainfall manipulation in a Kenyan savanna

Grazing Pressure sentence examples within Increasing Grazing Pressure

Soil erosion and sediment transport in Tanzania: Part II ‐ sedimentological evidence of phased land degradation.

Upstream land-use negatively affects river flow dynamics in the Serengeti National Park

Grazing Pressure sentence examples within Heavy Grazing Pressure

Grass species composition in tropical forest of southern India

Heavy grazing of buffel grass pasture in the Brigalow Belt bioregion of Queensland, Australia, more than tripled runoff and exports of total suspended solids compared to conservative grazing.

Grazing Pressure sentence examples within Total Grazing Pressure

Stakeholder judgements of the social acceptability of control practices for kangaroos, unmanaged goats and feral pigs in the south-eastern rangelands of Australia

Land managers’ and service providers’ perspectives on the magnitude, impact and management of non-domestic grazing pressure in the southern rangelands of Australia

Grazing Pressure sentence examples within Zooplankton Grazing Pressure

Size‐specific grazing and competitive interactions between large salps and protistan grazers

Ecophysiological Aspects and sxt Genes Expression Underlying Induced Chemical Defense in STX-Producing Raphidiopsis raciborskii (Cyanobacteria) against the Zooplankter Daphnia gessneri

Grazing Pressure sentence examples within Reduced Grazing Pressure

Response of potential grassland vegetation to historical and future climate change in Inner Mongolia

Pasture plant biomass increase following introduction of European rabbit fleas, Spilopsyllus cuniculi, into Australia to facilitate myxomatosis transmission

Grazing Pressure sentence examples within Higher Grazing Pressure

Citrus pulp-based supplement reduces the detrimental effects of high grazing pressure on the performance of beef cattle under a rotational system of Urochloa brizantha

Hydrogeochemical characteristics of the Saliencia lakes (Somiedo Natural Park, NW Spain): trophic state and relationship with anthropogenic pressures

Grazing Pressure sentence examples within Livestock Grazing Pressure

Exploring the management and integration of national parks in Northern Ethiopia: The case of Kafta Shiraro National Park

Evaluation of Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus in Disturbed and Intact Tropical Coastal Forest Sites in Tanzania

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Small-sized omnivorous fish induce stronger effects on food webs than warming and eutrophication in experimental shallow lakes.

Use of A MODIS Satellite-Based Aridity Index to Monitor Drought Conditions in Mongolia from 2001 to 2013

Modeling Integrated Impacts of Climate Change and Grazing on Mongolia’s Rangelands

Theoretical Models as a Tool to Derive Management Strategies for Sustainable Natural Resource Management

Plant Diversity in Sardinian Mountain Rangelands: Analysis of Its Relationships with Grazing, Land Management, and Pastoral Value

Deep chlorophyll maximum (DCM) in the Red Sea

Seasonal Dynamics of the Structure of Soil Nematode Communities in Chestnut Soils Affected by Grazing Pressure in the Manych River Valley

The Influence of Fine-Scale Grazing Heterogeneity on Dung Beetle Assemblages: What Trait Analysis Teaches Us.

Impact of multiple environmental factors on species abundance in various forest layers using an integrative modeling approach

Impacts of sheep versus cattle livestock systems on birds of Mediterranean grasslands

Chemical and morphological defenses of Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries in response to zooplankton grazing.

Responses of calcareous grassland plant communities to changed seasonal grazing management: Results of a 31 year study

Preserving Colias myrmidone in European cultural landscapes: requirements for the successful development from egg to higher larval stages at a Natura 2000 site in Romania

Zooplankton grazing of microplastic can accelerate global loss of ocean oxygen

Perennial herbaceous Astragalus, a source of forage production in rangelands of Iran

Factors influencing late-Holocene vegetation dynamics and biodiversity on Hallands Väderö, SW Sweden: A statistical evaluation

Assessment of Spatio-Temporal Variation and Driving Mechanism of Ecological Environment Quality in the Arid Regions of Central Asia, Xinjiang

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An assessment of seed head and flag leaf contributions to reproductive effort in sagebrush steppe bunchgrasses

Grazing behavior and winter phytoplankton accumulation

Vegetation classification of the Margalla foothills, Islamabad under the influence of edaphic factors and anthropogenic activities using modern ecological tools

How future-proof is Sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa) in a global change context?

Grazing Management and Provision of Ecosystem Services in Patagonian Arid Rangelands

Local vegetation and hydroperiod influence spatial and temporal patterns of carbon and microbe response to wetland rehabilitation

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Late glacial–postglacial North African landscape and forest management: Palynological and anthracological studies in the caves of Kaf Taht el-Ghar and El Khil (Tingitana Peninsula, Morocco)

Contrasting effects of local environment and grazing pressure on the genetic diversity and structure of Artemisia frigida

Medicinal service supply by wild plants in Samburu, Kenya: Comparisons among medicinal plant assemblages

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