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Graphene Membranes sentence examples within Nanoporou Graphene Membranes

Efficient CH4/CO2 Gas Mixture Separation through Nanoporous Graphene Membrane Designs

Scale Effect on Simple Liquid Transport through a Nanoporous Graphene Membrane.

Graphene Membranes sentence examples within Layer Graphene Membranes

Predicting Gas Separation through Graphene Nanopore Ensembles with Realistic Pore Size Distributions.

Direct Chemical Vapor Deposition Synthesis of Porous Single-Layer Graphene Membranes with High Gas Permeances and Selectivities.

Graphene Membranes sentence examples within Suspended Graphene Membranes

Ultrastiff graphene

Suspended graphene on germanium: selective local etching via laser-induced photocorrosion of germanium

Graphene Membranes sentence examples within Monolayer Graphene Membranes

Single indium atoms and few-atom indium clusters anchored onto graphene via silicon heteroatoms

Single Indium Atoms and Few-Atom Indium Clusters Anchored onto Graphene via Silicon Heteroatoms

Graphene Membranes sentence examples within Porou Graphene Membranes

Multilayer Graphene Sheet with Conical Nanopores as a Membrane for High-Permeance Molecular Separation

Nano-Porous Graphene as Free-Standing Membranes

Graphene Membranes sentence examples within Bilayer Graphene Membranes

The use of sample positioning to control defect creation by oxygen plasma in isotopically labelled bilayer graphene membranes

Dissipation from Interlayer Friction in Graphene Nanoelectromechanical Resonators.

A Novel Low-Temperature Post-Curing Transfer Method Of Graphene Wrinkling Surface For Strain Engineering

Graphene-electrode array for brain map remodeling of the cortical surface

Ab Initio Energetic Barriers of Gas Permeation across Nanoporous Graphene.

Comparison of diamond nanoparticles captured on the floating and grounded membranes in the hot filament chemical vapor deposition process

Molecular dynamics study of the pore formation in single layer graphene oxide by a thermal reduction process.

Bottom-up synthesis of graphene films hosting atom-thick molecular-sieving apertures


Mechanical properties of single-walled penta-graphene-based nanotubes: A DFT and Classical molecular dynamics study

Tunable Pore Size from Sub-Nanometer to a Few Nanometers in Large-Area Graphene Nanoporous Atomically Thin Membranes.

Current Review on Synthesis, Composites and Multifunctional Properties of Graphene

Breakdown of continuum model for water transport and desalination through ultrathin graphene nanopores: insights from molecular dynamics simulations.

Sealing Graphene Nanodrums

Air gap membrane distillation: A review

Three-Dimensional Silicon Carbide from Siligraphene as a High Capacity Lithium Ion Battery Anode Material

Manufacturing and Characterization of Large-scale Graphene and Metal Thin Film Membranes

Theoretical Evaluation of Graphene Membrane Performance for Hydrogen Separation Using Molecular Dynamic Simulation

Molecular simulations on graphene-based membranes

Comprehensive molecular dynamics studies of the ballistic resistance of multilayer graphene-polymer composite

Direct immersion thin-film microextraction method based on the sorption of pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate metal chelates onto graphene membranes followed by total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis

Probing built-in stress effect on the defect density of stretched monolayer graphene membranes

Graphene Membranes for Hall Sensors and MicrophonesIntegrated with CMOS-Compatible Processes

Voltage gated inter-cation selective ion channels from graphene nanopores.

Dramatic Enhancement of Optoelectronic Properties in Electrophoretically Deposited C60-Graphene Hybrids.

Applications of polymer/graphene nanocomposite membranes: a review

Transport Mechanism and Modeling of Microporous Graphene Membranes

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