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Elastic and plastic characterization of a new developed additively manufactured functionally graded porous lattice structure: Analytical and numerical models

Vibration and instability analysis of closed-cell poroelastic pipes conveying fluid

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Fluid Permeability of Graded Porosity Scaffolds Architectured with Minimal Surfaces.

Effects of Gradient and Offset Architectures on the Mechanical and Biological Properties of 3-D Melt Electrowritten (MEW) Scaffolds.

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Morphological, mechanical, and in-vitro bioactivity of gelatine/collagen/hydroxyapatite based scaffolds prepared by unidirectional freeze-casting

Additive Manufacturing of Topology-Optimized Graded Porous Structures: An Experimental Study

Anisotropic Magnetism in Gradient Porous Carbon Composite Aerogels

High temperature ceramic radomes (HTCR) – A review

The influence of selective laser melting defects on the fatigue properties of Ti6Al4V porosity graded gyroids for bone implants

Acoustic fluid–structure study of 2D cavity with composite curved flexible walls using graphene platelets reinforcement by higher-order finite element approach

Buckling and Free Vibration of Porous Functionally Graded Metal Ceramic Beams under Thermal and Mechanical Loading: A Comparative Study

Processing and Characterization of Bilayer Materials by Solid State Sintering for Orthopedic Applications

Is it always worthwhile to resolve the governing equations of plate theories for graded porosity along the thickness?

Selective laser melting processed Ti6Al4V lattices with graded porosities for dental applications.

A Flexible Pressure Sensor with High Sensitivity and Broad Measuring Range

Production of La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ cathode with graded porosity for improving proton-conducting solid oxide fuel cells

Production and characterization of zirconia structures with a porous surface.

Vibration analysis of non-uniform porous beams with functionally graded porosity distribution

Pore network modeling of liquid water and oxygen transport through the porosity-graded bilayer gas diffusion layer of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells

Robocasting of SiO2-Based Bioactive Glass Scaffolds with Porosity Gradient for Bone Regeneration and Potential Load-Bearing Applications

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