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Convergence analysis of the anisotropic FEM for 2D time fractional variable coefficient diffusion equations on graded meshes

A fast high order method for time fractional diffusion equation with non-smooth data

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Block boundary value methods for linear weakly singular Volterra integro-differential equations

Collocation methods for third-kind Volterra integral equations with proportional delays

A multi-domain spectral collocation method for Volterra integral equations with a weakly singular kernel

A Low-Dimensional Compact Finite Difference Method on Graded Meshes for Time-Fractional Diffusion Equations

A numerical method for two-dimensional multi-term time-space fractional nonlinear diffusion-wave equations

Strong convergence analysis for Volterra integro-differential equations with fractional Brownian motions

An hp-version of the discontinuous Galerkin time-stepping method for Volterra integral equations with weakly singular kernels

Comparative analysis of the weighted finite element method and FEM with mesh refinement

p-Multilevel preconditioners for HHO discretizations of the Stokes equations with static condensation

Reduced spline method based on a proper orthogonal decomposition technique for fractional sub-diffusion equations

Linearized Galerkin FEMs for Nonlinear Time Fractional Parabolic Problems with Non-smooth Solutions in Time Direction

On the Convergence in H1-Norm for the Fractional Laplacian

A second-order accurate numerical method with graded meshes for an evolution equation with a weakly singular kernel

Superconvergence of discontinuous Galerkin methods for nonlinear delay differential equations with vanishing delay

A finite difference scheme on graded meshes for time-fractional nonlinear Korteweg-de Vries equation

Multigrid Methods Based on Hodge Decomposition for a Quad-Curl Problem

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