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Impact of the Miocene orogenesis on Kaloula spp. radiation, and implication of local refugia on genetic diversification.

Genetic structure across urban and agricultural landscapes reveals evidence of resource specialization and philopatry in the Eastern carpenter bee, Xylocopa virginica L.

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Reaching the edge of the speciation continuum: hybridization between three sympatric species of Hyla tree frogs

Probabilistic species tree distances: implementing the multispecies coalescent to compare species trees within the same model-based framework used to estimate them.

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Pangenome analysis reveals genetic isolation in Campylobacter hyointestinalis subspecies adapted to different mammalian hosts

Analysis of genetic recombination and the pan-genome of a highly recombinogenic bacteriophage species

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Genome-wide analysis of Corsican population reveals a close affinity with Northern and Central Italy

Genome-wide analysis of Corsican population reveals a close affinity with Northern and Central Italy

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Population Genomics and Conservation of Erigenia bulbosa (Apiaceae), an Edge-of-Range Species in Pennsylvania

Lophyra flexuosa (Fabricius, 1787) (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae) in desert countries: morphological variability in geographic aspect as potential beginning of speciation?

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Experimental admixture among geographically disjunct populations of an invasive plant yields a global mosaic of reproductive incompatibility and heterosis

Genome-wide data from the Bubi of Bioko Island clarifies the Atlantic fringe of the Bantu dispersal

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Evaluating the boundaries of marine biogeographic regions of the Southwestern Atlantic using halacarid mites (Halacaridae), meiobenthic organisms with a low dispersal potential

Evaluating the boundaries of marine biogeographic regions of the Southwestern Atlantic using halacarid mites (Halacaridae), meiobenthic organisms with a low dispersal potential

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Extensive pollen‐mediated gene flow across intensively managed landscapes in an insect‐pollinated shrub native to semiarid habitats

Evolutive approaches to explorative design methods in architecture

Elevation of two subspecies of Dunnock Prunella modularis to species rank

High frequency of an otherwise rare phenotype in a small and isolated tiger population

Contrasting ecological niches lead to great postzygotic ecological isolation: a case of hybridization between carnivorous and herbivorous cyprinid fishes

Phenotypic and genomic diversification with isolation by environment along elevational gradients in a neotropical treefrog

Diversity of Brazilian Troglobitic Fishes: Models of Colonization and Differentiation in Subterranean Habitats

Whole-exome analysis in Tunisian Imazighen and Arabs shows the impact of demography in functional variation.

Evolutionary management of coral-reef fisheries using phylogenies to predict density dependence.

Extreme Ecological Niche Differences Lead to Extreme Postzygotic Ecological Isolation: A Case of Hybridization Between Carnivorous and Herbivorous Cyprinidae Fishes

The Origin, Evolution, and Genetic Diversity of Alfalfa

Mate choice enhances post-zygotic barriers to gene flow via ancestry bundling

The pink salmon genome: uncovering the genomic consequences of a strict two-year life-cycle

Demo-Genetic Approach for the Conservation and Restoration of a Habitat-Forming Octocoral: The Case of Red Coral, Corallium rubrum, in the Réserve Naturelle de Scandola

Systematics and Phylogeography of The Non-Ethiopian Speckled-Pelage Brush-Furred Rats (Lophuromys Flavopunctatus Group) Inferred From Integrative Genetics and Morphometry

High genetic and epigenetic variation of transposable elements: Potential drivers to rapid adaptive evolution for the noxious invasive weed Mikania micrantha

Selection of Sites for Field Trials of Genetically Engineered Mosquitoes with Gene Drive

The nearly complete mitogenome of the Southeast Asian firefly Pteroptyx tener (Coleoptera: Lampyridae).

An integrative approach reveals a new species of flightless leaf beetle (Chrysomelidae: Suinzona) from South Korea

Population structure and genetic diversity of Triatoma longipennis (Usinger, 1939) (Heteroptera: Reduviidae: Triatominae) in Mexico.

Genetic diversity in global chicken breeds in relation to their genetic distances to wild populations

Abiotic and biotic influences on the performance of two biological control agents, Neochetina bruchi and N. eichhorniae, in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, California (USA)

The origin of island populations of the African malaria mosquito, Anopheles coluzzii

Landscape Genetic Connectivity and Evidence for Recombination in the North American Population of the White-Nose Syndrome Pathogen, Pseudogymnoascus destructans

Familial hypercholesterolemia in Gran Canaria: Founder mutation effect and high frequency of diabetes.

Trunk perimeter correlates with genetic bottleneck intensity and the level of genetic diversity in populations of Taxus baccata L

Selection of sites for field trials of genetically engineered mosquitoes with gene drive

Intraspecific discrimination of fish populations by fluorescence spectroscopy

Historical biogeography, systematics, and integrative taxonomy of the non-Ethiopian speckled pelage brush-furred rats (Lophuromys flavopunctatus group)

Adaptive divergence in bill morphology and other thermoregulatory traits is facilitated by restricted gene flow in song sparrows on the California Channel Islands.

Seeds and seedlings of oaks suffer from mammals and mollusks close to phylogenetically isolated, old adults.

Genetic structure of an abundant small mammal is influenced by low intensity urbanization

Genetic diversity patterns in an endangered desert shrub from north-western China: implications for conservation

Forest structure predictive of fisher (Pekania pennanti) dens exists in recently burned forest in Yosemite, California, USA

Demographic fragmentation of a protected wolverine population bisected by a major transportation corridor

Temporal distribution and diversity of cold-water corals in the southwest Indian Ocean over the past 25,000 years

Physiological pathways to rapid prosocial evolution

Speciation with gene flow: Evidence from a complex of alpine butterflies (Coenonympha, Satyridae)

Prokaryotic species are sui generis evolutionary units.

Deciphering the Patterns of Genetic Admixture and Diversity in the Ecuadorian Creole Chicken

Population genetic structure of the whorl-leaf watermilfoil Myriophyllum verticillatum shaped by topography and geographic distance

Health Needs Assessment of Five Pennsylvania Plain Populations

Genomics of rare genetic diseases—experiences from India

Infection dynamics of Theileria annulata over a disease season following cell line vaccination.

Multi‐individual microsatellite identification: A multiple genome approach to microsatellite design (MiMi)

Transcontinental dispersal of Anopheles gambiae occurred from West African origin via serial founder events.

Population divergence and gene flow in two East Asian shorebirds on the verge of speciation

Horizontally transmitted symbiont populations in deep-sea mussels are genetically isolated

Genomic relatedness and diversity of Swedish native cattle breeds

A new species of the endemic Himalayan genus Liurana (Anura, Ceratobatrachidae) from southeastern Tibet, China, with comments on the distribution, reproductive biology, and conservation of the genus

High genetic connectivity in a scleractinian coral (Lobophyllia corymbosa) around Sulawesi, Indonesia

The multiple population genetic and demographic routes to islands of genomic divergence

Mammalian faunas, ecological indices, and machine-learning regression for the purpose of paleoenvironment reconstruction in the Miocene of South America

Long-distance dispersal, ice sheet dynamics and mountaintop isolation underlie the genetic structure of glacier ice worms

Differential plague susceptibility in species and populations of prairie dogs

Transcontinental dispersal of Anopheles gambiae occurred from West African origin via serial founder events

Phenotypic integration and modularity drives skull shape divergence in the Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus) from the Commander Islands

Prey, populations, and the pleistocene: evidence for low COI variation in a widespread North American leech

Messing about on the river: the role of geographic barriers in shaping the genetic structure of Bornean small mammals in a fragmented landscape

Genetic changes caused by restocking and hydroelectric dams in demographically bottlenecked brown trout in a transnational subarctic riverine system

Genetic differentiation predicts body size divergence between island and mainland populations of common wall lizards (Podarcis muralis)

Developmental anomalies and South American paleopathology: A comparison of block vertebrae and co-occurring axial anomalies among three skeletal samples from the El Brujo archaeological complex of northern coastal Peru.

Transformation of TFB2 Overexpression Plasmid into Hyperthermophile Pyrococcus furiosus COM1

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