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Chemical Characteristics of Selected Grass Species from Polish Meadows and Their Potential Utilization for Energy Generation Purposes

Producing Electricity Using Ion Harvesting Technology

Generation Purposes sentence examples within Power Generation Purposes

Guideline for electricity generation from hot springs (natural energy storage systems): A techno-enviro-economic assessment

4E analyses and multi-objective optimization of a solar-based combined cooling, heating, and power system for residential applications

Generation Purposes sentence examples within Electricity Generation Purposes

Integrated Power and Chemical Accumulation of High-Temperature Gaseous Waste from Industrial Installations

Performance and stability of semitransparent OPVs for building integration: A benchmarking analysis

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Antibacterial Electrospun Polycaprolactone Membranes Coated with Polysaccharides and Silver Nanoparticles for Guided Bone and Tissue Regeneration.

Techno-energy-economic sensitivity analysis of hybrid system Solid Oxide Fuel Cell/Gas Turbine

Exosomes of adult human fibroblasts cultured on 3D silk fibroin nonwovens intensely stimulate neoangiogenesis

Biomaterials for bone regeneration: an orthopedic and dentistry overview

Performance evaluation and financial analysis of applying hybrid renewable systems in cooling unit of data centers – A case study

Effect of the Addition Frequency of 5-Azacytidine in Both Micro- and Macroscale Cultures

Influence of gellan gum-hydroxyapatite spongy-like hydrogels on human osteoblasts under long-term osteogenic differentiation conditions.

Biomaterial-Based Nanocomposite for Osteogenic Repurposing of Doxycycline

Vitamin B9 derivatives as carriers of bioactive cations for musculoskeletal regeneration applications: Synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation.

Structure-function assessment of 3D-printed porous scaffolds by a low-cost/open source fused filament fabrication printer.

Electrospun tubular vascular grafts to replace damaged peripheral arteries: A preliminary formulation study.

Carbon Nanotubes Substrates Alleviate Pro-Calcific Evolution in Porcine Valve Interstitial Cells

Innovative geothermal-based power and cooling cogeneration system; Thermodynamic analysis and optimization

Electrospun polymer-based nanofiber scaffolds for skin regeneration

Antibacterial Behavior of Chitosan-Sodium Hyaluronate-PEGDE Crosslinked Films

Polyblend Nanofibers to Regenerate Gingival Tissue: A Preliminary In Vitro Study

In Vitro Osteoinductivity Assay of Hydroxylapatite Scaffolds, Obtained with Biomorphic Transformation Processes, Assessed Using Human Adipose Stem Cell Cultures

The Turbine Heat Waste of RDE for Desalination Laboratory Plant

Antibacterial Activity and Cytocompatibility of Bone Cement Enriched with Antibiotic, Nanosilver, and Nanocopper for Bone Regeneration

Evaluation of Cartilage Regeneration in Gellan Gum/agar Blended Hydrogel with Improved Injectability

Oligomerization of supercritical ethylene over nickel-based silica-alumina catalysts

Formulation and Characterization of a SIS-Based Photocrosslinkable Bioink

Highly porous polycaprolactone scaffolds doped with calcium silicate and dicalcium phosphate dihydrate designed for bone regeneration.

Telomere length and genetic variations affecting telomere length as biomarkers for facial regeneration with platelet‐rich fibrin based on the low‐speed centrifugation concept

A Biomaterials Approach to Schwann cell Development in Neural Tissue Engineering.

Investigation of the energy performance of multi-source integrated CHP systems for small-scale applications

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Mesoporous bioactive glasses for biomedical composites

Enzymatic crosslinked gelatin 3D scaffolds for bone tissue engineering.

In vitro and in vivo evaluation of bioglass microspheres incorporated brushite cement for bone regeneration.

Drying of yam with solar adsorption system

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Natural polymers: biomaterials for skin scaffolds

Sintering of Magnesium-Strontium doped Hydroxyapatite nanocrystals : towards the production of 3D biomimetic bone scaffolds.

Silicon substituted hydroxyapatite/VEGF scaffolds stimulate bone regeneration in osteoporotic sheep.

Performance assessment of a 15 kW Micro-CHCP plant through the 0D/1D thermo-fluid dynamic characterization of a double water circuit waste heat recovery system

Exergy analysis and performance evaluation of a newly developed integrated energy system for quenchable generation

Analysis of Heavy Metal Loading Optimization Through Criticality Calculation on RDE

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Scaffolds for periodontal tissue engineering

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Poly(gamma-glutamic acid) based thermosetting hydrogels for injection: Rheology and functional parameters evaluation

Effect of Dual Releasing of β-glycerophosphate and Dexamethasone from Ti Nanostructured Surface for Using in Orthopedic Applications

The origins of prescribed burning in Scandinavian forestry: the seminal role of Joel Wretlind in the management of fire-dependent forests

Strategies for Developing Functional Secretory Epithelia from Porcine Salivary Gland Explant Outgrowth Culture Models

Characterization of C2C12 cells in simulated microgravity: Possible use for myoblast regeneration

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