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Combustor Development and Engine Demonstration of Micro-Mix Hydrogen Combustion Applied to M1A-17 Gas Turbine

Scheme Evaluation of Junxi-I Small Hydro-PV Hybrid System Using FAHP-TOPSIS Approach

Generation Plant sentence examples within Distributed Generation Plant

Complex use of smart grid technology in railway traction networks

A Microgrid Model with an Integrated Forecasting and Intelligent Load Management Module

Generation Plant sentence examples within Electricity Generation Plant

The economic value of olive sector biomass for thermal and electrical uses in Andalusia (Spain)

SCIPS: A serious game using a guidance mechanic to scaffold effective training for cyber security

Generation Plant sentence examples within Energy Generation Plant

A Further Look into the Service Lifetime Cost of Solar Photovoltaic Energy Transformers

Sustainability Assessment of Municipal Solid Waste in Baltimore USA

Generation Plant sentence examples within Renewable Generation Plant

A Hybrid Metaheuristic Optimization Approach for the Synthesis of Operating Procedures for Optimal Drum-Boiler Startups

Grid-Forming Converters Control Based on the Reactive Power Synchronization Method for Renewable Power Plants

Generation Plant sentence examples within New Generation Plant

Development of A Distributed Intelligent System for Load Management in Micro Energy Systems

Reducing fossil fuel-based generation: Impact on wholesale electricity market prices in the North-Italy bidding zone

Generation Plant sentence examples within Photovoltaic Generation Plant

Performance Enhancing PV System Interconnected with D-STATCOM Using ANN and LAPO

Voltage Profile on a Feeder with the Insertion of Photovoltaic Distributed Generation

Generation Plant sentence examples within M2 Generation Plant

Evaluation of Toraja (Indonesia) local aromatic rice mutant developed using heavy-ion beam irradiation

First Report of Botryosphaeria dothidea Causing Gray Mold on Tartary Buckwheat in Southwest China.

Generation Plant sentence examples within Electrical Generation Plant

Questionnaire Study for The Use of Solar Energy and Wind Energy for The Generation of Electricity in Kuwait

An Innovative Adaptive Automated Complex for Protection Against Out-of-Step Conditions in a Power Plant

Generation Plant sentence examples within Peak Generation Plant

Implications of extreme temperatures and socio-economic development on power markets’ peak demand across the world

Capacity mechanisms and the technology mix in competitive electricity markets

Generation Plant sentence examples within Steam Generation Plant

CO2 Removal Using Adsorption Onboard A Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Vessel

Air Pollution Characteristics of Reclamation of Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) Recovered from Cutting Oil Waste

Generation Plant sentence examples within F1 Generation Plant

Profiling of Volatile Compounds and Associated Gene Expression in Two Anthurium Cultivars and Their F1 Hybrid Progenies

New intergeneric orchid hybrid found in Romania × Pseudorhiza nieschalkii (Senghas) P.F.Hunt nothosubsp. siculorum H.Kertész & N.Anghelescu, 2020

Generation Plant sentence examples within T1 Generation Plant

An increased proportion of transgenic plants in the progeny of rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) transformants

Genome Editing of Rice eIF4G Loci Confers Partial Resistance to Rice Black-Streaked Dwarf Virus

Generation Plant sentence examples within Next Generation Plant

Characterisation of wood quality of Eucalyptus nitens plantations and predictive models of density and stiffness with site and tree characteristics

Germplasm enhancement and cultivar development: The need for sustainable breeding

Generation Plant sentence examples within T3 Generation Plant

CRISPR/Cas9-Induced Loss-of-Function Mutation in the Barley Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase 6 Gene Causes Abnormal Embryo Development Leading to Severely Reduced Grain Germination and Seedling Shootless Phenotype

Overexpression of TaFBA-A10 from Winter Wheat Enhances Freezing Tolerance in Arabidopsis thaliana

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Development and multiobjective optimization of an integrated flash-binary geothermal power plant with reverse osmosis desalination and absorption refrigeration for multi-generation

A solar-driven plant to produce power, cooling, freshwater, and hot water for an industrial complex

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Potential applications of salinity gradient power-heat engines for recovering low-temperature waste heat in cogeneration plants

Editorial: Targeting the Optimal Design and Operational Flexibility of Steam Cycles and Steam Networks

Design Optimization and Dynamic Simulation of Steam Cycle Power Plants: A Review

Management of a district heating network using model predictive control with and without thermal storage

4E dynamic analysis of a water-power cogeneration plant integrated with solar parabolic trough collector and absorption chiller

Design optimization of a hybrid solar-biomass plant to sustainably supply energy to industry: Methodology and case study

Optimal synthesis of multi-product energy systems under neutrosophic environment

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Thermodynamic performance and economic feasibility of Kalina, Goswami and Organic Rankine Cycles coupled to a polygeneration plant using geothermal energy of low-grade temperature

More Generation Plant 発電所 sentence examples

District heating potential in the case of low-grade waste heat recovery from energy intensive industries

Thermodynamic and economic analyses of a solar-aided biomass-fired combined heat and power system

Optimization of Equipment Capacity of Power Park in Volzhskiy Branch of MPEI

Environmental Performance of Noise Reduction System in Cogeneration Plants—A Life Cycle Assessment Study

Conventional generation emulation for power grids with a high penetration of wind power

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