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Joint Resource Allocation and Transceiver Design for Sum-Rate Maximization Under Latency Constraints in Multicell MU-MIMO Systems

Real-time measurements and performance analysis of closed-loop MIMO service for mobile operators

Generation Network sentence examples within high data rate

Mobility aware of WDM-based CMO OFDM communication system

Millimeter Wave Communication Networks: Evolution, Challenges, and Potential Applications

Generation Network sentence examples within ultra low latency

MOS Prediction for Mobile Broadband Networks Using Bayesian Artificial Intelligence

Managing Chains of Application Functions Over Multi-Technology Edge Networks

Generation Network sentence examples within Next Generation Network

Design of microstrip patch antenna for Ka-band (26.5–40 GHz) applications

Practical Intrusion Detection of Emerging Threats

Generation Network sentence examples within Fifth Generation Network


D2D Technology Implementation in 5G Network and the Security Aspect: A Review

Generation Network sentence examples within New Generation Network

Trustworthiness in Industrial IoT Systems Based on Artificial Intelligence

Performance measurement for new mobile data services during generation upgrading period: a case of China’s telecom industry

Generation Network sentence examples within Future Generation Network

Delay aware downlink resource allocation scheme for future generation tactical wireless networks

A comprehensive survey on Green ICT with 5G-NB-IoT: Towards sustainable planet

Generation Network sentence examples within 5th Generation Network

Η συμβολή των τεχνολογιών 5G στον τομέα των Media & Entertainment

Impact of Correlated Fading on Multi-Connectivity

Generation Network sentence examples within Implant Generation Network

Squat and smile assessment in predicting healing of lower limb fractures fixed with a SIGN nail.

Enclouage des os longs en situation précaire: intérêt du clou SIGN (Surgical Implant Generation Network)

Generation Network sentence examples within Feature Generation Network

FusedTSNet: An automated nocturnal sleep sound classification method based on a fused textural and statistical feature generation network

Deep Feature Generating Network: A New Method for Intelligent Fault Detection of Mechanical Systems Under Class Imbalance

Generation Network sentence examples within Image Generation Network

Audio2Head: Audio-driven One-shot Talking-head Generation with Natural Head Motion

Deep Learning Applications Based on SDSS Photometric Data: Detection and Classification of Sources

Generation Network sentence examples within Distributed Generation Network

Economic Dispatch with Transmission Losses in a Distributed Generation Network of Bahawalpur

Dynamic Aggregation Modeling for Droop Control Inverter Based on Slow Coherency Algorithm

Generation Network sentence examples within Power Generation Network

Towards Cognitive EV Charging Stations Enabled by Digital Twin and Parallel Intelligence

Solar Photovoltaic Interfaced Quasi Impedance Source Network Based Static Compensator for Voltage and Frequency Control in the Wind Energy System

Generation Network sentence examples within Proposal Generation Network

Mask TextSpotter: An End-to-End Trainable Neural Network for Spotting Text with Arbitrary Shapes

3D Object Detection Based on Proposal Generation Network Utilizing Monocular Images

Generation Network sentence examples within Filter Generation Network

Sequence Image Datasets Construction via Deep Convolution Networks

Pan-Sharpening via Multiscale Dynamic Convolutional Neural Network

Generation Network sentence examples within Map Generation Network

Learning semantic priors for texture-realistic sketch-to-image synthesis

Access-Point Centered Window-Based Radio-Map Generation Network

Generation Network sentence examples within Pointer Generation Network

Research on Chinese Text Summarization Based on Core Word Attention Mechanism

Smooth Embedding and Word Sampling Research Based on Transformer Pointer Generation Network

Generation Network sentence examples within Young Generation Network

The IRPA Young Generation Network: Activity Report from the Middle of 2018 to the Beginning of 2021

Impacts of the Covid-19 on the IRPA young generation activities in radiation protection: testimonies and experience feedback

Generation Network sentence examples within Parameter Generation Network

Unsupervised cross-lingual model transfer for named entity recognition with contextualized word representations

A Learnable Joint Spatial and Spectral Transformation for High Resolution Remote Sensing Image Retrieval

Generation Network sentence examples within Energy Generation Network

Quantitative approach of battery management system with optimised integrated distributed energy storage system for smart distribution grid

Energy production efficiency assessment using network data envelopment analysis

Generation Network sentence examples within generation network architecture

Towards DDoS detection mechanisms in Software-Defined Networking

PhD Forum: Data traffic classification using deep learning models

Generation Network sentence examples within generation network technology

The Regulation and Use of Artificial Intelligence and 5G Technology to Combat Cybercrime and Financial Crime in South African Banks

Study the Fundamental Conpect of Traffic Management System Analysis Methodology Victimization Using Image Development Processing

Generation Network sentence examples within generation network use

A Transformer-Based Hierarchical Variational AutoEncoder Combined Hidden Markov Model for Long Text Generation

An automated COVID-19 detection based on fused dynamic exemplar pyramid feature extraction and hybrid feature selection using deep learning

Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning-Based Cooperative Edge Caching for Ultra-Dense Next-Generation Networks

Stochastic geometry approach towards interference management and control in cognitive radio network: A survey

End-to-End Network Slicing for ITS-G5 Vehicular Communications

Mixed Game Theory Based Coordinated Development and Planning of Wind Power, Thermal Power and Grid

An Efficient Composite Two-Tier Threshold Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Technique for 5G Systems

Intermittent Jamming against Telemetry and Telecommand of Satellite Systems and A Learning-driven Detection Strategy

Sealed Bid Single Price Auction Model (SBSPAM)-Based Resource Allocation for 5G Networks

An algorithm for scheduling hybrid slot-size to increase traffic density in EPONs

Measuring Key Quality Indicators in Cloud Gaming: Framework and Assessment Over Wireless Networks

Ensemble Deep Learning Assisted VNF Deployment Strategy for Next-Generation IoT Services

GROVE: A Cost-Efficient Green Radio Over Ethernet Architecture for Next Generation Radio Access Networks

Energy Efficiency Maximization Under Minimum Rate Constraints in Multi-Cell MIMO Systems With Finite Buffers

DDoS Detection on Internet of Things using Unsupervised Algorithms

Study of 5G Networks as a Promising Future Wireless Mobile

The Origin and Evolution of Open Programmable Networks and SDN

Near Optimal and Dynamic Mechanisms Towards a Stable NFV Market in Multi-Tier Cloud Networks

Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Configuration and Deployment in Three-dimensional Scenarios

Elevation-angle based two-ray path loss model for Air-to-Ground wireless channels

Spectral Efficient Beamforming for mmWave MISO Systems using Deep Learning Techniques

Addressing Overfitting Problem in Deep Learning-Based Solutions for Next Generation Data-Driven Networks

SO‐VMEC: Service offloading in virtual mobile edge computing using deep reinforcement learning


Optimum Power Allocation Based on Channel Conditions in Optical Satellite Downlinks

Uplink Sensing in Perceptive Mobile Networks With Asynchronous Transceivers

A Study of Random Access for Massive Machine-type Communications: Limitations and Solutions

Optimal TAL-based registration with cell-based central policy in mobile cellular networks: a semi-Markov process approach

An intellectual procurement innovation of smart grid power system with wireless communication networks based on machine learning

[An unsupervised unimodal registration method based on Wasserstein Gan].

Localization Threats in Next-Generation Wireless Networks

Opportunities of Federated Learning in Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Industrial Systems

Proposal of a Control Algorithm for Multiagent Cooperation Using Spiking Neural Networks.

Numerical modeling to determine the limits on photovoltaic capacity when operating in a microgrid with solid-oxide fuel cell triple combined-cycle plants

Towards an API for the Path-Aware Internet

The role of unmanned aerial vehicles in military communications: application scenarios, current trends, and beyond

Header-Translation based Flow Aggregation for Scattered Address Allocating SDNs

Artificial Intelligence Technologies for COVID-19-Like Epidemics: Methods and Challenges

5G Embraces Satellites for 6G Ubiquitous IoT: Basic Models for Integrated Satellite Terrestrial Networks

Prototype filter design for filter bank multicarrier modulation

Accurate Interpretation of the Online Learning Model for 6G-Enabled Internet of Things

Passive Antenna Systems Embedded into a Load Bearing Wall for Improved Radio Transparency

PiEdge: An Edge-Driven PaaS Model for Network Slicing Automation

QEMDD: Quantum Inspired Ensemble Model to Detect and Mitigate DDoS Attacks at Various Layers of SDN Architecture

A Queueing Model for Threshold-Based Scaling of UPF Instances in 5G Core

Toward Intelligent Reconfigurable Wireless Physical Layer (PHY)

Layer Regeneration Network With Parameter Transfer and Knowledge Distillation for Intelligent Fault Diagnosis of Bearing Using Class Unbalanced Sample

Novel Architecture for Wireless Power Transfer in Unmanned Arial Vehicles

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