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Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Noise Generation Mechanisms

Design of a single degree of freedom acoustic liner for a fan noise test rig

Extremum Seeking Control Applied to Airfoil Trailing-Edge Noise Suppression

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Runoff Generation Mechanisms

Challenges for Application of the Derived Distribution Approach to Flood Frequency

End member and Bayesian mixing models consistently indicate near‐surface flowpath dominance in a pristine humid tropical rainforest

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Heat Generation Mechanisms

Thermal management of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: A review of cooling methods, material properties, and durability

A review of air-cooling battery thermal management systems for electric and hybrid electric vehicles

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Datum Generation Mechanisms

Complications In Clinical Trials: Bayesian Models For Repeated Measures And Simulators For Nonadherence

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging data augmentation through conditional ICA

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Different Generation Mechanisms

Control and enhancement of multiband high harmonic generation by synthesized laser fields

Ground Camera Image and Large-Scale 3-D Image-Based Point Cloud Registration Based on Learning Domain Invariant Feature Descriptors

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Sound Generation Mechanisms

Design, validation, and benchmark tests of the aeroacoustic wind tunnel in SUSTech

A fully coupled fluid–structure–acoustic interaction simulation on reed-type artificial vocal fold

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Photocurrent Generation Mechanisms

Modulated-light induced photocurrent through the liquid-silicon-liquid interfaces

Enhanced photocurrent response speed in charge-density-wave phase of TiSe2-metal junctions.

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Possible Generation Mechanisms

Switchbacks: statistical properties and deviations from Alfvénicity

Observations of extreme wave runup events on the U.S. Pacific Northwest coast

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Power Generation Mechanisms

Bioinspired designs and biomimetic applications of triboelectric nanogenerators

Lead-free indium-silver based double perovskites for thermoelectric applications: Structural, electronic and thermoelectric properties using first-principles approach

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Defect Generation Mechanisms

Transistor Self-Heating: The Rising Challenge for Semiconductor Testing

Strategies for Reducing Particle Defects in Ti and TiN Thin-Film Deposition Processes

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Pressure Generation Mechanisms

New insights into the Pore Pressure Estimation from Sonic Velocity Data—Application of the equivalent depth method in Chinese Basins

Nanosecond Calibration of a Piezo Transducer by Comparing Thermoacoustic and Vaporization Pressure Signals at Pulsed Laser Irradiation of a Metal Target

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Harmonic Generation Mechanisms

Enhanced Nonlinear Emission from Single Multilayered Metal–Dielectric Nanocavities Resonating in the Near-Infrared

Relativistic short-pulse high harmonic generation at 1.3 and 2.1 μm wavelengths

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Charge Generation Mechanisms

Small Exciton Binding Energies Enabling Direct Charge Photogeneration Towards Low-Driving-Force Organic Solar Cells.

Radiation-Induced Leakage Current and Electric Field Enhancement in CMOS Image Sensor Sense Node Floating Diffusions

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Content Generation Mechanisms

Online Content Generation in Mobile Applications - Adaptation and Personalization for Location-based Game Systems

Multimodal Haptic Armrest for Immersive 4D Experiences

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Solution Generation Mechanisms

A robust MILP and gene expression programming based on heuristic rules for mixed-model multi-manned assembly line balancing

Optimal radial topology of electric unbalanced and balanced distribution system using improved coyote optimization algorithm for power loss reduction

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within Wave Generation Mechanisms

Triadic resonances in internal wave modes with background shear

Response of MCS Low-Frequency Gravity Waves to Vertical Wind Shear and Nocturnal Thermodynamic Environments

Generation Mechanisms sentence examples within generation mechanisms could

[Modern concepts of pathogenesis of diabetic retinopathy].

Magnetic field generation from PBH distributions

Spatiotemporal Variability of Mesoscale Eddies in the Indonesian Seas

Study on cure-induced residual stresses and spring-in deformation of L-shaped composite laminates using a simplified constitutive model considering stress relaxation

MEK/ERK Signaling Regulates Reconstitution of the Dopaminergic Nerve Circuit in the Planarian Dugesia japonica.

Magnitude Estimation of Overpressure Generation Mechanisms Using Quantitative Stochastic 2D Basin Models: A Case Study from the Danube-Tisza Interfluve Area in Hungary

Distributions and evolution model of water-soluble organic acids for coals with different thermal maturations

Polarization characteristics of Rayleigh waves to improve seismic site effects analysis by HVSR method

Transfer mechanisms and geometry effect on the dynamics of excitons in boron-containing GaAs alloys: Time-resolved photoluminescence investigation

Advances in hydrogel-based vascularized tissues for tissue repair and drug screening

A Numerical Study of Cirrus Bands and Low Static-stability Layers associated with Tropical Cyclone Outflow

Investigation of Regeneration Mechanisms of Aged Solar Salt

Molecular Aspects of Regeneration Mechanisms in Holothurians

An investigation of transition processes from transient gas–liquid plug to slug flow in horizontal pipe: Experiment and Cost-based recurrence analysis

Hairpin Vortex Formation Mechanisms Based on LXC-Liutex Core Line Method

An optimized animal model of lysolecithin induced demyelination in optic nerve; more feasible, more reproducible, promising for studying the progressive forms of multiple sclerosis

Beyond Casual Resemblances: Rigorous Frameworks for Comparing Regeneration Across Species.

Addressing the crosstalk issue in imaging using seismic multiple wavefields

Mercury’s exospheric model for SPIDER

Genomics and epigenomics of axolotl regeneration.

Spidroin Silk Fibers with Bioactive Motifs of Extracellular Proteins for Neural Tissue Engineering

Flow-Induced Vibration Analysis of Topside Piping at High Pressure

Nerve-mediated FGF-signaling in the early phase of various organ regeneration.

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