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Higher-order mode supercontinuum generation in dispersion-engineered liquid-core fibers

Multifunctional solar bamboo straw: Multiscale 3D membrane for self-sustained solar-thermal water desalination and purification and thermoelectric waste heat recovery and storage

Controllable multichannel acousto-optic modulator and frequency synthesizer enabled by nonlinear MEMS resonator

Imaging-Based Optofluidic Biolaser Array Encapsulated with Dynamic Living Organisms.

Fibers Generated by Plasma Des-AA Fibrin Monomers and Protofibril/Fibrinogen Clusters Bind Platelets: Clinical and Nonclinical Implications

Experimental Observation of Second Harmonic Generation Enabled by Longitudinal Components in Indium Gallium Phosphide Nanowires

Photonic vector mm-wave signal generation by optical dual-SSB modulation and a single push-pull MZM.

Awakening Solar Hydrogen Evolution of MoS2 in Alkalescent Electrolyte through Doping with Co.

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Generation Enabled 生成可能
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