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Generation Assay sentence examples within endogenous thrombin potential

Thrombin generation assay and hemostatic profile for elucidating hypercoagulability in endogenous canine hyperadrenocorticism.

Evaluation of hemostatic capacities among commando candidates: Would their blood suit a hemorrhagic war-injured patient in case of blood donation on the battlefield?

Generation Assay sentence examples within platelet poor plasma

Hypercoagulability Evaluation in Antiphospholipid Syndrome without Anticoagulation Treatment with Thrombin Generation Assay: A Preliminary Study

Association of Global Coagulation Profiles With Cardiovascular Risk Factors and Atherosclerosis: A Sex Disaggregated Analysis From the BioHEART-CT Study.

Generation Assay sentence examples within Thrombin Generation Assay

Clot waveform analysis for perioperative hemostatic monitoring of arthroscopic synovectomy in a pediatric patient with hemophilia A and inhibitor receiving emicizumab prophylaxis

Thrombin generation measured by two platforms in patients with a bleeding tendency: Comment

Generation Assay sentence examples within Ro Generation Assay

Abstract 1354: Deciphering the functional basis of synergy between taxanes and TAK715: A novel repurposed drug candidate in treatment-refractory aggressive prostate cancer

In Vitro Evaluation of the Photoprotective Potential of Quinolinic Alkaloids Isolated from the Antarctic Marine Fungus Penicillium echinulatum for Topical Use.

Generation Assay sentence examples within 4th Generation Assay

Laboratory Evaluation of Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis from North East India

Syphilitic Proctitis Presenting as a Rectal Mass: a Case Report and Review of the Literature

Generation Assay sentence examples within Xa Generation Assay

Bacitracin and Rutin Regulate Tissue Factor Production in Inflammatory Monocytes and Acute Myeloid Leukemia Blasts

Proteomic analysis reveals procoagulant properties of cigarette smoke-induced extracellular vesicles

Generation Assay sentence examples within Next Generation Assay

Mind the gap from research laboratory to clinic: Challenges and opportunities for next-generation assays in human diseases

Predictive value of germline ATM mutations in the CCTG PA.7 trial: Gemcitabine (GEM) and nab-paclitaxel (Nab-P) versus GEM, nab-P, durvalumab (D) and tremelimumab (T) as first-line therapy in metastatic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (mPDAC).

Generation Assay sentence examples within Fourth Generation Assay

Serological diagnosis and prevalence of HIV-1 infection in Russian metropolitan areas

A multicentre evaluation of the Elecsys® HIV Duo assay.

Generation Assay sentence examples within Fibrin Generation Assay

Thrombin in the Activation of the Fluid Contact Phase in Patients with Hereditary Angioedema Carrying the F12 P.Thr309Lys Variant

Role of tissue factor in the procoagulant and antibacterial effects of human adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells during pneumosepsis in mice

Generation Assay sentence examples within Plasmin Generation Assay

Dynamic evaluation of hemostasis in the acute phase of Kawasaki disease using comprehensive coagulation functional assays.

Affimer proteins as a tool to modulate fibrinolysis, stabilize the blood clot, and reduce bleeding complications.

Generation Assay sentence examples within 2nd Generation Assay

Anti-infliximab antibodies: How to compare old and new data?

utcome of Graves’ Disease Treated with Anti-Thyroid Drugs and Time Courses of Anti-Tsh Receptor Antibodies

Generation Assay sentence examples within Fxa Generation Assay

Effects of colchicine on tissue factor in oxLDL-activated T-lymphocytes

MicroRNA-340-5p inhibits endothelial apoptosis, inflammatory response, and pro-coagulation by targeting KDM4C in anti-neutrophil cytoplasmic antibody (ANCA)-mediated glomerulonephritis through activation of B cells

Generation Assay sentence examples within generation assay also

Antileishmanial and cytotoxic activity of secondary metabolites from Taberneamontana ventricosa and two aloe species.

Structure Determination, Functional Characterization, and Biosynthetic Implications of Nybomycin Metabolites from a Mining Reclamation Site-Associated Streptomyces.

Age, Wound Size, and Position of Injury - Dependent Vascular Regeneration Assay in Growing Leaves.

Analytical evaluation and critical appraisal of early commercial SARS-CoV-2 immunoassays for routine use in a diagnostic laboratory

Comparison of Next-Generation Assays for Fecal Calprotectin vs the PhiCal Assay.

Prospective Validation and Comparative Analysis of Coronary Risk Stratification Strategies Among Emergency Department Patients With Chest Pain

Vascular Aging in the Invertebrate Chordate, Botryllus schlosseri

The Warburg effect is necessary to promote glycosylation in the blastema during zebrafish tail regeneration

Reducing False-Positive Results With Fourth-Generation HIV Testing at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

Cytotoxic effects of Thai noni juice product ethanolic extracts against cholangiocarcinoma cell lines

Additive value of bioclinical risk scores to high sensitivity troponins-only strategy in acute coronary syndrome.

Antimicrobial and Anti-Biofilm Peptide Octominin for Controlling Multidrug-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii

Long Noncoding RNA SPRY4-IT1 Modulates Ketamine-Induced Neurotoxicity in Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Neurons through EZH2

Src acts with WNT/FGFRL signaling to pattern the planarian anteroposterior axis

Recloning and Characterization of C2C12 Myoblast and Its Clonal Derivatives

Multiepitope Proteins for the Differential Detection of IgG Antibodies against RBD of the Spike Protein and Non-RBD Regions of SARS-CoV-2

A survey of miRNAs involved in biomineralization and shell repair in the freshwater gastropod Lymnaea stagnalis

Comparative Performance of Latest-Generation and FDA-Cleared Serology Tests for the Diagnosis of Chagas Disease

Protocol for rapid assessment of the efficacy of novel Wnt inhibitors using zebrafish models

Site-specific delivery of inhalable antiangiogenic liposomal dry powder inhaler technology ameliorates experimental pulmonary hypertension

Is the HIV Seroprevalence among Iraqi Patients with β-thalassemia Major Underestimated or not Prevalent?

Upscaling of Microbial Electrolysis Cell Integrating Microbial Electrosynthesis: Insights, Challenges and Perspectives

Definition of the Response to Initial Therapy with Radioiodine in Patients with Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma: Basal or Stimulated Thyroglobulin?

A proteolytic C-terminal fragment of Nogo-A (reticulon-4A) is released in exosomes and potently inhibits axon regeneration

Screening for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection by Use of a Fourth-Generation Antigen/Antibody Assay and Dried Blood Spots: In-Depth Analysis of Sensitivity and Performance Assessment in a Cross-Sectional Study

Isolation of Stem-like Cells from 3-Dimensional Spheroid Cultures.

Valeriana Officinalis Crude Extracts Impair Hair Cell Regeneration in Larval Zebrafish Lateral Line

Hesperidin loaded Zn2+@ SA/PCT nanocomposites inhibit the proliferation and induces the apoptosis in colon cancer cells (HCT116) through the enhancement of pro-apoptotic protein expressions.

Alternative Approaches for Carcinogenicity and Reproductive Toxicity

Strengthening Diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Children: The Role of Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra


Synthesis and characterization of L-arginine/Fe3O4 adsorbent for the removal of methyl orange from aqueous solutions

Parathyroid hormone independently predicts fracture, vascular events, and death in patients with stage 3 and 4 chronic kidney disease

Dietary gelatin enhances non-heme iron absorption possibly via regulation of systemic iron homeostasis in rats

Global Adoption of High-Sensitivity Cardiac Troponins and the Universal Definition of Myocardial Infarction.

Comparison between thromboelastography and thromboelastometry.

Highly efficient and selective antimicrobial isonicotinylhydrazide-coated polyoxometalate-functionalized silver nanoparticles.

FGF, BMP, and RA signaling are sufficient for the induction of complete limb regeneration from non-regenerating wounds on Ambystoma mexicanum limbs.

Point-of-Care Urine LAM Tests for Tuberculosis Diagnosis: A Mini-Review

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