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Performance of Spiral Groove Dry Gas Seal for Natural Gas Considering Viscosity-Pressure Effect of the Gas

An Alternate Model to Correlate Natural Gas Viscosity Based on Corresponding States and Lennard-Jones Averaged Intermolecular Potential Field

Simultaneous feasible injectivity of foam and hydrolyzed polyacrylamide to optimize the oil recovery enhancement

Exploring the Key Factors in Dusty Gas Filtration: Experimental and Modeling Studies

A criterion for evaluating the effect of shale-matrix dual-continuum flow on gas production

Propagation of a Shock Wave through a Viscous Heat-Conducting Gas in a Long Microchannel

An improved pseudopotential multi-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann model for binary droplet collision with large density ratio

Weakly charged droplets fundamentally change impact dynamics on flat surfaces.

Gas transport in shale matrix coupling multilayer adsorption and pore confinement effect

3DMAP-VR, a project to visualize 3-dimensional models of astrophysical phenomena in virtual reality

Study of the impact of injection parameters on the performance of miscible sour gas injection for enhanced oil recovery

Analytical solution of Buckley-Leverett equation for gas flooding including the effect of miscibility with constant-pressure boundary

Non-linear Modelling and Validation of an Industrial Methane Rich Gas Network for Control Applications

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