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Feasibility of a generalized convolutional neural network for automated identification of vertebral compression fractures: The Manitoba bone mineral density registry.

Opportunistic diagnosis of osteoporosis, fragile bone strength and vertebral fractures from routine CT scans; a review of approved technology systems and pathways to implementation

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Fracture characteristics and logging identification of lacustrine shale in the Jiyang Depression, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China

A new method of multi-scale fracture identification in tight gas sandstone reservoir

Numerical simulation and response analysis of microspherical focused logging in inclined micro-fractured formation

Seismic wave attenuation in carbonate rock and its implication to hydrocarbon-bearing reservoir identification, East Java, Indonesia

Inversion of Fracture Parameters in Anisotropic Coal Seam

Automatic analysis system of calcaneus radiograph: Rotation-invariant landmark detection for calcaneal angle measurement, fracture identification and fracture region segmentation

Dual-energy CT-generated bone marrow oedema maps improve timely visualisation and recognition of acute lower extremity fractures.

Artificial intelligence for the classification of fractures around the knee in adults according to the 2018 AO/OTA classification system

Application research of attribute fusion technology based on principal component analysis in fracture identification

Pediatric scaphoid fracture: diagnostic performance of various radiographic views

Fracture aperture estimation using electrical image logs (FMI)and Acoustic (SS)

Application of Dielectric Logging in the Oilfield Area

Secondary prevention of osteoporotic fractures: evaluation of the Lille University Hospital’s Fracture Liaison Service between January 2016 and January 2018

Fracture Risk in Dialysis and Kidney Transplanted Patients: A Systematic Review

Concrete Micro Crack Detection and Segmentation Using Adaptive U-Net

Accuracy and Reliability of Root Crack and Fracture Detection in Teeth Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

A systematic approach to describing fractures

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