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Forest Policy sentence examples within sustainable forest management

Perspectives of four stakeholder groups about the participation of female forest landowners in forest management in Georgia, United States

Enhancing Ecologically Sustainable Management of Deadwood in Kenya’s Natural Forests

Forest Policy sentence examples within National Forest Policy

India’s Commitments to Increase Tree and Forest Cover: Consequences for Water Supply and Agriculture Production within the Central Indian Highlands

Disentangling the effect of future land use strategies and climate change on streamflow in a Mediterranean catchment dominated by tree plantations

Forest Policy sentence examples within Customary Forest Policy

Proses Agenda Setting Kebijakan Hutan Adat Di Kabupaten Mentawai

Asal Usul Kebijakan Pencadangan Hutan Adat di Indonesia

Forest Policy sentence examples within State Forest Policy



Forest Policy sentence examples within Implementing Forest Policy

Stakeholder Perceptions of White Oak Supply in Kentucky: A SWOT-AHP Analysis

Forest condition change, tenure reform, and government-funded eco-environmental programs in Northeast China

Forest Policy sentence examples within New Forest Policy

A Player Bigger Than Its Size: Finnish Bioeconomy and Forest Policy in the Era of Global Climate Politics

Lessons Learned from Social Forestry Policy in Java Forest: Shaping the Way Forward for New Forest Status in ex-Perhutani Forest Area

Forest Policy sentence examples within European Forest Policy

Pure and even-aged forestry of fast-growing conifers under climate change: on the need for a silvicultural paradigm shift

The coalitional politics of the European Union’s environmental forest policy: Biodiversity conservation, timber legality, and climate protection

Forest Policy sentence examples within Existing Forest Policy

Contested forest management and the Nepalese Government’s forest policy

Stakholder Perceptions on the Prospects and Challenges of Practising Climate – Smart Agroforestry in Asunafo North Municipal Assembly, Ghana

Forest Policy sentence examples within forest policy implementation

Potentials of Protected Areas as Carbon sinks and Implication on Climate Change in Cameroon

Discourses on Sustainable Forest Management and Their Integration into Climate Policies in South Africa

Forest Policy sentence examples within forest policy maker

Understanding levels and motivations of rural women engaging in Forest Management Institutions: Evidence from developing countries

Global Warming and Carbon Sequestration in Africa’s Forests: Potential Rewards for New Policy Directions in the Congo Basin

Forest Policy sentence examples within forest policy research

Partisan theory in forest nature conservation policy: Empirical evidence based on four German conflict issues

IT-based mobilization of milieu-bound forest owners: Bi-production of innovative tools by research and practice

Forest Policy sentence examples within forest policy development

Perspectives of four stakeholder groups about the participation of female forest landowners in forest management in Georgia, United States

Лісова політика у міждисциплінарному науковому контексті: тренди та перспективи розвитку

Forest Policy sentence examples within forest policy reform

The Politics of Forest Governance Failure in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC): Lessons from 35 Years of Political Rivalries

Afforestation, reforestation and new challenges from COVID-19: Thirty-three recommendations to support civil society organizations (CSOs).

Forest Policy sentence examples within forest policy process

New frontiers in Japanese Forest Policy: Addressing ecosystem disservices in the 21st century

Linking forest policy issues and decision support tools in Europe

Forest Policy sentence examples within forest policy network

To log or not to log? Actor preferences and networks in Swiss forest policy

Forest Policy Information Networks and the Role of Trust: Cooperative and Competitive Orientations and Underlying Causes

The influence of the root diseases Armillaria solidipes and Inonotus sulphurascens on the distribution of mule deer during winter

Framing Illegal Logging and Its Governance Responses in Brazil – A Structured Review of Diagnosis and Prognosis

Analysing patterns of forest cover change and related land uses in the Tano-Offin forest reserve in Ghana: Implications for forest policy and land management

Ethnobotanical Study and Plant Diversity in the Forest of Kedarnath Valley, Garhwal Himalaya, India

Mapping the trends of forest cover change and associated drivers in Mau Forest, Kenya

Economic and Ethical Motivations for Forest Restoration and Incentive Payments

More Forest Policy 森林政策 sentence examples

Shifting the burden of proof to minimize impacts during the science-policy process

An Institutional Analysis and Reconfiguration Framework for Sustainability Research on Post-Transition Forestry—A Focus on Ukraine

Polymorphic site index curves for Beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) in Central and Eastern Serbia

How deregulation, drought and increasing fire impact Amazonian biodiversity.

More Forest Policy 森林政策 sentence examples

A ‘New Relationship’? Reflections on British Columbia’s 2003 Forest Revitalization Plan from the perspective of the Li̓l̓wat First Nation

Participatory injustice in Mexico’s Readiness process to Reduce Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD +)

Forest and Society’s Welfare: Impact Assessment in Lithuania

Growth–density relationship in mixed stands – Results from long-term experimental plots

Analysis of forest-related policies for supporting ecosystem services-based forest management in Bangladesh

Confronting complexity in forest management

A multi‐data ensemble approach for predicting woodland type distribution: Oak woodland in Britain

More Forest Policy 森林政策 sentence examples

Models for integrating climate objectives in forest policy: Towards adaptation-first?

From ecological knowledge to conservation policy: a case study on green tree retention and continuous-cover forestry in Sweden

Comparative Study between Colonial Forest Policy and the New Sustainable Forest Policy in the Republic of the Congo

Public perceptions of county, state, and national forest management in Wisconsin, USA

Reducing emissions from land use change in Indonesia: An overview

Ecology and Recovery of Eastern Old-Growth Forests

More Forest Policy 森林政策 sentence examples

Towards collaborative forest planning in Canadian and Swedish hinterlands: Different institutional trajectories?

How does wood mobilization depend on marketing decisions? A country comparison based on choice experiments

Perceptions of forest-dependent communities toward participation in forest conservation: A case study in Bago Yoma, South-Central Myanmar

Selection of the most suitable tree species in urban areas based on their capability of capturing heavy metals: a forest policy approach

Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management: Lessons Learned in the Southern Cone

Democracy, Legitimacy, and Scale: Examining Habermas’ Administrative Turn through the Case of U.S. Forest Policy

A review of the role of institutions in participatory forest management in Tanzania

Integrating intangible resources enables creating new types of forest services - developing forest leasing value network in Finland

The Challenges of the Forestry Sector Communication Based on an Analysis of Research Studies in the Czech Republic

Impact de la Variabilité Climatique sur la Niche Ecologique de Diospyros mespiliformis Hochst. ex A.De. dans la Région Soudanienne au Bénin (Afrique de l’Ouest)

Can social innovation make a difference to forest-dependent communities?

Forest ownership changes in Europe: State of knowledge and conceptual foundations

The transformative potential of a disaster : a contextual analysis of the 1882 flood in Verona, Italy

Bioclimatic modeling in the Last Glacial Maximum, Mid-Holocene and facing future climatic changes in the strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo L.)

Research trends: Forest ownership in multiple perspectives

Towards more effective integration of tropical forest restoration and conservation

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