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Which Attributes Are the Most Important in the Context of the Slow Food Festival?

Personality and eating behavior in a food festival: understanding visitors’ loyalty from the perspective of food-related personality traits

Food festivals in Italy: a festive strategy against rural marginalization

Contextual acceptance of novel and unfamiliar foods: Insects, cultured meat, plant-based meat alternatives, and 3D printed foods

A Holistic Investigation of Special Event Volunteer Motivation

Events as Destination Image Maker: The Role of Event Type and Implications for Event Portfolio Development

Examining food festival attendees’ existential authenticity and experiential value on affective factors and loyalty: An application of stimulus-organism-response paradigm

The Influence of Personal Involvement on Festival Attendees’ Revisit Intention: Food and Wine Attendees’ Perspective

Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Food Festival Exhibitors’ Business Motivation

The relationship among food perceived value, memorable tourism experiences and behaviour intention: the case of the Macao food festival

Food for Thought: Reflections on a Counter-hegemonic Food-related Intervention in a South African University

Exploring the food tourism landscape and sustainable economic development goals in Dhofar Governorate, Oman: Maximising stakeholder benefits in the destination

User-generated place brand identity: harnessing the power of content on social media platforms

Citizens, Spatial Practices and Resurrection of the Idea of Place in Contemporary Lucknow

Festivalisation of edible [food] heritage and community participation: From a multi-stakeholder perspective

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Food Festival フードフェスティバル
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