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Calorie Detection of Food Image based on SVM Algorithm

A Framework to Estimate the Nutritional Value of Food in Real Time Using Deep Learning Techniques

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Developmental Changes in Food Perception and Preference

Metabolomics as a marketing tool for geographical indication products: a literature review

Evaluation of energy density and macronutrients after extremely brief time exposure

Recent Advances in the Development of Smart and Active Biodegradable Packaging Materials

Application of machine learning for estimating label nutrients using USDA Global Branded Food Products Database, (BFPD)


Consumer seafood preferences related to alternative food networks and their value chains

Explanatory Analysis of Factors Influencing the Support for Sustainable Food Production and Distribution Systems: Results from a Rural Canadian Community

Developmental Changes in Food Perception and Preference

Consumer Preferences for Attributes in Food and Beverages in Developed and Emerging Export Markets and their Impact on the European Union and New Zealand

Consumer Trust in Food and the Food System: A Critical Review

Examining prospective buyer attitudes toward four food product traits

Identifying Eggs and Small Fish as Priority Foods in Rural Tanzania for Pregnant and Lactating Women, Infants and Young Children: Formative Research for the ENRICH Project (P10-144-19).

Augmented Reality in Food production traceability – use case

Aspects of Dietary Diversity Differ in Their Association with Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Risk in a Racially Diverse US Adult Population

Heating and Freezing Injury to Plant Tissues and Their Effect on Bioimpedance: Experimental Study

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Food Attributes 食品の属性
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