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“Crystal Is Creepy, but Cool”: Mapping Folk Theories and Responses to Automated Personality Recognition Algorithms

Socio-cognitive biases in folk AI ethics and risk discourse

Attitudes Surrounding an Imperfect AI Autograder

What Is Wisdom? A Unified 6P Framework

Adaptive Folk Theorization as a Path to Algorithmic Literacy on Changing Platforms

Only “sheep” trust journalists? How citizens’ self-perceptions shape their approach to news

Galileo: Citizen-led Experimentation Using a Social Computing System

Drug adherence, medical pluralism, and psychopharmaceutical selfhood in postreform Vietnam

How Do Theories Become Self-Fulfilling? Clarifying the Process of Barnesian Performativity

Who Is a Creative Person? Conceptualisation of creativity by people with autism spectrum disorder

Folk theories of gender and anti-transgender attitudes: Gender differences and policy preferences

Why Do Logically Incompatible Beliefs Seem Psychologically Compatible

Smiles Signal Surprise in a Social Dilemma

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