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Traits, beliefs and dispositions in a pluralistic folk psychology

Traits, beliefs and dispositions in a pluralistic folk psychology

Active Learning by Visual Programming: Pedagogical Perspectives of Instructivist and Constructivist Code Teachers and Their Implications on Actual Teaching Strategies and Students’ Programming Artifacts

In defense of the one-factor doxastic account: A phenomenal account of delusions.

Folk psychology, eliminativism, and the present state of connectionism

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Social Interaction in Infancy

The cognitive science of religion: A critical evaluation for theology

Introspection: Contemporary Problems and Approaches

Piercing the Smoke Screen: Dualism, Free Will, and Christianity

Neuroscience and Normativity: How Knowledge of the Brain Offers a Deeper Understanding of Moral and Legal Responsibility

Active inference models do not contradict folk psychology

How to construct neuroscience-informed psychiatric classification? Towards nomothetic networks psychiatry

Minds, bodies, spirits, and gods: Does widespread belief in disembodied beings imply that we are inherent dualists?

A Philosophy of Contract Law for Artificial Intelligence: Shared Intentionality

The Importance of Leibniz for Wundt

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How does One Study Social Science

Buddhist Selflessness and the Transformation of Folk Psychology

The complementarity of mindshaping and mindreading

Know-how, intellectualism, and memory systems

The Shifting Border Between Perception and Cognition

Know-how, intellectualism, and memory systems

Algorithm and Parameters: Solving the Generality Problem for Reliabilism

Revisiting Bruner’s Legacy from the Perspective of Historical Materialism

You are just being emotional! Testimonial injustice and folk-psychological attributions

Empathy for a reason? From understanding agency to phenomenal insight

What Persons Are Not: Causality, Minds, and the Brain

Autism spectrum traits predict higher social psychological skill

A Historical Perspective on Cognitive Science and Its Influence on XAI Research

‘Mind’ is an ill-defined concept: Considerations for future cephalopod research

Circumscribed interests in autism: are there sex differences?

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