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Effects of Different Light Sources on Neural Activity of the Paraventricular Nucleus in the Hypothalamus

LED Grow Lights Alter Sorghum Growth and Sugarcane Aphid (Hemiptera: Aphididae) Plant Interactions in a Controlled Environment

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Consumer Liking and Descriptive Flavor Attributes of M. Longissimus Lumborum and M. Gluteus Medius Beef Steaks Held in Varied Packaging Systems 1

Short term effects of continuous lighting on the cornea of cage-reared laboratory rabbits.

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Self‐Powered Sensors Enabled by Wide‐Bandgap Perovskite Indoor Photovoltaic Cells

Efficient indoor p-i-n hybrid perovskite solar cells using low temperature solution processed NiO as hole extraction layers

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‘Partners in Light:’ How Plastics Enabled Fluorescent Lighting and the Modern Office.”

The Effect of Supplemental Blue, Red and Far-Red Light on the Growth and the Nutritional Quality of Red and Green Leaf Lettuce

Determination and Performance Analysis of the Norton Equivalent Models for Fluorescents and LED Recessed Lightings

Mercury cycling in the terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric environment of the Slovak Republic - an overview.

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Fluorescent Lighting 蛍光灯
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