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Texture Memory in Si-Mn and ODS Steels Observed In Situ by Pulsed Neutron and Synchrotron X-Ray Diffractions and Prediction by Double Kurdjumov-Sachs Relation: A Concept for Intense Variant Selection

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Microstructure Evolution during Accelerated Cooling Followed by Coiling of an Nb-Ti/HSLA Steel

The Mechanical Properties of Low Alloy TRIP-Aided Steel: The Role of Retained Austenite

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Kinetic Transition During Ferrite Growth Induced by Interfacial Solute Segregation in an Fe–C–Mn–Si Alloy

Super long-range diffusion of carbon during proeutectoid ferrite transformation

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Effect of Transformation Temperature on the Ferrite–Bainite Microstructures, Mechanical Properties and the Deformation Behavior in a Hot-Rolled Dual Phase Steel

Effect of Hot Rolling Process Parameters on Microstructure Transformation and Microstructure of 45MnSiV Steel

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Development and identification of the cellular automata phase transformation model

Model of phase transformations in steels subject to heating-cooling thermal cycles in continuous annealing line

Behavior and Mechanism of Void Welding Under Thermal Mechanical Coupling

Effect of electropulsing on austenite to ferrite transformation in low-carbon steel

The high temperature deformation behavior of a triplex (ferrite+ austenite+ martensite) low density steel

Measurement of Continuous Cooling Transformation Curve and High Temperature Mechanical Properties for 12Mn Steel

A novel 3D mixed-mode multigrain model with efficient implementation of solute drag applied to austenite-ferrite phase transformations in Fe-C-Mn alloys

Effect of austenitic state before ferrite transformation on the mechanical behavior at an elevated temperature for seismic-resistant and fire-resistant constructional steel

Facile route to bulk ultrafine-grain steels for high strength and ductility

Growth and strain behavior of columnar grains in Fe-0.5%Mn alloy by hot-rolling

Microstructural and magnetic characterization of a lean duplex steel: Strain-induced martensite formation and austenite reversion

Bi-directional ferrite to austenite transformation through warm temperature deformation of a ferrite-based low density steel

Effect of Carbon Content on the Creep Rupture Properties and Microstructure of 316H Weld Metals

Effects of composition and strain rate on hot ductility of Cr–Mo-alloy steel in the two-phase region

Effect of Carbide Precipitation on the Evolution of Residual Stress during Tempering

The effect of composition and microstructure on hardness and toughness of Mo2FeB2 based cermets

Influence of Stress on Kinetics and Transformation Plasticity of Ferrite Transformation Based on Hysteresis Effects

Kinetics and microstructural modeling of isothermal austenite-to-ferrite transformation in Fe-C-Mn-Si steels

Cascading phase transformations in high carbon steel resulting in the formation of inverse bainite: An atomic scale investigation

Austenite to Ferrite Transformation Kinetics in Fe-9 %Cr Alloys - I. General Kinetic Analysis

Investigations of the peritectic reaction and transformation in a hypo-peritectic steel: Using high-temperature confocal scanning laser microscopy and differential scanning calorimetry

Phase transformation mechanism and kinetics during step quenching of st37 low carbon steel

Engineering Heterogeneous Multiphase Microstructure by Austenite Reverted Transformation Coupled with Ferrite Transformation

Effect of printing orientation on anisotropic properties in resistance spot welded 316L stainless steels via selective laser melting

Continuous Cooling Phase Transformation Rule of 20CrMnTi Low-Carbon Alloy Steel

Effects of dilution on alloy content and microstructure in multi-pass steel welds

Microstructure Formation of Low-Carbon Ferritic Stainless Steel during High Temperature Plastic Deformation

The effect of strain on interphase precipitation characteristics in a Ti-Mo steel

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