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Barriers, facilitators and interventions to support help-seeking amongst young people living in families impacted by parental mental illness: A systematized review.

Mothering from the Inside Out: Addressing the Intersection of Addiction, Adversity, and Attachment with Evidence-Based Parenting Intervention

Supporting survivors of child sexual abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic: An ecosystems approach to mobilizing trauma-informed telemental healthcare.

Family Perspectives on Clinical Research for Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis: Enhancing Equity

Structured Trauma-Related Experiences and Symptoms Screener for Adults (STRESS-A): Validation in a child welfare sample of mothers and fathers with active domestic violence.

“He Never Wants to Leave. I Would Leave in a Second.” Examining Perceptions of Rural Life and its Impact on Families who Migrate for Employment and Those who Stay Behind in Atlantic Canadian Communities

Looming extinctions due to invasive species: Irreversible loss of ecological strategy and evolutionary history.

Child Mental Health in HIV-Impacted Low-Resource Settings in Developing Countries-Global Research Fellowship: A Research Training Program Protocol

Looking at Europe’s recent behavioral telehealth practices for children and families impacted by neurodevelopmental disabilities

Caring for Families Impacted by Opioid Use: A Qualitative Analysis of Integrated Program Designs.

NANDA‐I, NOC, and NIC linkages to SARS‐CoV‐2 (COVID‐19): Part 3. Family response

Caregiver Perspective on The Initial Signs and Symptoms of Metachromatic Leukodystrophy

Parent Perspectives on Family-Based Psychosocial Interventions for Congenital Heart Disease.

Allopregnanolone-based treatments for postpartum depression: Why/how do they work?

How Health Visitors Can Impact Perinatal Mental Health

Cause or effect? A review of clinical data demonstrating beta cell dysfunction prior to the clinical onset of type 1 diabetes

Empirical validation of a model predicting depression, anxiety, and stress in parents of children with autism

Exploring and building autism service capacity in rural and remote regions: Participatory action research in rural Alberta and British Columbia, Canada

Pediatric Palliative and Hospice Care in Canada

The Human Side of Forensic Archaeology

Parental incarceration as a predictor of developmental trajectories of externalizing behaviors across adolescence

Couple and family therapies for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

An exploratory study of childhood adversity and delinquency among youth in the context of child-to-parent and sibling-to-sibling violence

Clinician perspectives delivering telehealth interventions to children/families impacted by pediatric traumatic brain injury.

Understanding and managing intimate partner violence in the pediatric primary care setting: a review.

Food Security in the Context of Paternal Incarceration: Family Impact Perspectives

Families Facing the Opioid Crisis: Content and Frame Analysis of YouTube Videos

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