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RAG: Facial Attribute Editing by Learning Residual Attributes

Faster, Smaller, and Simpler Model for Multiple Facial Attributes Transformation

Facial Attributes sentence examples within Different Facial Attributes

Nonlocal contrast calculated by the second order visual mechanisms and its significance in identifying facial emotions

Intricate Face Recognition Based On Virtual Sample Generation

Facial Attributes sentence examples within Level Facial Attributes

Privacy-Preserving Annotation of Face Images Through Attribute-Preserving Face Synthesis

Instance-level Facial Attributes Transfer with Geometry-Aware Flow

Facial Attributes sentence examples within Related Facial Attributes

Attribute Prototype Learning for Interactive Face Retrieval

De-identification Without Losing Faces

Facial Attributes sentence examples within Desired Facial Attributes

Learning Controllable Face Generator from Disjoint Datasets

Semantic Image Completion Through an Adversarial Strategy

Facial Attributes sentence examples within Estimate Facial Attributes

Deep facial features for personalized attractiveness prediction

Face Attribute Detection with MobileNetV2 and NasNet-Mobile

Facial Attributes sentence examples within Predict Facial Attributes

MTCNN with Weighted Loss Penalty and Adaptive Threshold Learning for Facial Attribute Prediction

Attribute-Guided Coupled GAN for Cross-Resolution Face Recognition

Facial Attributes sentence examples within Labeled Facial Attributes

Semi-supervised self-growing generative adversarial networks for image recognition

Semi-Supervised Self-Growing Generative Adversarial Networks for Image Recognition

Facial Attributes sentence examples within Manipulate Facial Attributes

Average faces: How does the averaging process change faces physically and perceptually

Average faces: How does the averaging process change faces physically and perceptually?

Facial Attributes sentence examples within facial attributes without

Controllable and Identity-Aware Facial Attribute Transformation.

Human Attributes Prediction under Privacy-preserving Conditions

Identity and Attribute Preserving Thumbnail Upscaling

Explicit Facial Expression Transfer via Fine-Grained Representations

Faces à la Carte: Text-to-Face Generation via Attribute Disentanglement

AgeFlow: Conditional Age Progression and Regression with Normalizing Flows

Learning Semantic Representations via Joint 3D Face Reconstruction and Facial Attribute Estimation

Empirical Investigation of Multimodal Sensors in Novel Deep Facial Expression Recognition In-the-Wild

Head2Head++: Deep Facial Attributes Re-Targeting

Facial Expression Recognition With Two-Branch Disentangled Generative Adversarial Network

A Comprehensive Study on Face Recognition Biases Beyond Demographics

Prediction of face age progression with generative adversarial networks

On Symbiosis of Attribute Prediction and Semantic Segmentation

A Genetic Algorithm to Combine Deep Features for the Aesthetic Assessment of Images Containing Faces

Facial age estimation with bilateral relationships exploitation

Facial expression and attributes recognition based on multi-task learning of lightweight neural networks

The Effectiveness of Multi-Label Classification and Multi-Output Regression in Social Trait Recognition

The Development and Challenges of Face Alignment Algorithms

A Computational Personality Traits Analysis Based on Facial Geometric Features

Residual Codean Autoencoder for Facial Attribute Analysis

The Deeper, the Better: Analysis of Person Attributes Recognition

A Facial Affect Analysis System for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Different neural substrates at first impressions of same-sex and opposite-sex faces in women

A fuzzy rule based multimodal framework for face sketch-to-photo retrieval

Attribute-Aware Face Aging With Wavelet-Based Generative Adversarial Networks

Transfer Learning for Facial Attributes Prediction and Clustering

Deep Learning Based Estimation of Facial Attributes on Challenging Mobile Phone Face Datasets*

Face perception: A brief journey through recent discoveries and current directions

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Detecting GAN generated Fake Images using Co-occurrence Matrices

Face Alignment With Expression- and Pose-Based Adaptive Initialization

Chronological Age Estimation Under the Guidance of Age-Related Facial Attributes

On Symbiosis of Attribute Prediction and Semantic Segmentation

Kinship Verification Based on Deep Learning

Facial Attributes: Accuracy and Adversarial Robustness

DynFace: A Multi-label, Dynamic-Margin-Softmax Face Recognition Model

Attribute-Guided Sketch Generation

Joint Demographic Features Extraction for Gender, Age and Race Classification based on CNN

Semantic Component Decomposition for Face Attribute Manipulation

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