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Controllable Multi-Attribute Editing of High-Resolution Face Images

Features-Enhanced Multi-Attribute Estimation with Convolutional Tensor Correlation Fusion Network

Face Attributes sentence examples within face attributes classification

Augmented binary multi-labeled CNN for practical facial attribute classification

Within-Network Ensemble for Face Attributes Classification

Machine learning to estimate surface roughness from satellite images

Mitigating the foreign body response through ‘immune-instructive’ biomaterials

ZnO/RGO Heterojunction Based near Room Temperature Alcohol SENSOR with Improved Efficiency

Iterative local re-ranking with attribute guided synthesis for face sketch recognition

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Door Access System Using Face Recognition

Learning Face Image Super-Resolution Through Facial Semantic Attribute Transformation and Self-Attentive Structure Enhancement

Metagenomic Insights Into the Microbial Communities of Inert and Oligotrophic Outdoor Pier Surfaces of a Coastal City

Influence of thermal and pH cycles on surface characteristics lithium disilicate glass-ceramic dental crowns milled with CAD/CAM process

Semantic-Driven Face Hallucination Based on Residual Network

Ultrasound-induced structural modification and thermal properties of oat protein

Recent advances in nanoparticles mediated photothermal therapy induced tumor regression.

Large-scale commodity agriculture exacerbates the climatic impacts of Amazonian deforestation

Mass-constrained basin basement mapping

Multiscalar Geomorphometric Generalization for Soil-Landscape Modeling by Random Forest: A Case Study in the Eastern Amazon

Surface attributes driven volume segmentation for 3D-printing

Audio-Visual Biometric Recognition and Presentation Attack Detection: A Comprehensive Survey

Is it possible to map subsurface soil attributes by satellite spectral transfer models

Conditional Adversarial Synthesis of 3D Facial Action Units

Comparison of Effective Discharge Area in Voids in Different Insulating Materials Based on Surface Resistance

Experimental investigations on surface finish and microgeometry of helical gear in pulsed-electrochemical honing process

ariaDNE: A Robustly Implemented Algorithm for Dirichlet Energy of the Normal

Oppel-Kundt illusion balance.

Transfer Learning for Facial Attributes Prediction and Clustering

Step-Frequency Ground Penetrating Radar for Agricultural Soil Morphology Characterisation

Deep Learning Based Estimation of Facial Attributes on Challenging Mobile Phone Face Datasets*

Attributes Preserving Face De-Identification

Age estimation via attribute-region association

Growth of vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes on graphite for electric double-layer capacitors

Synthesis, Characterization, and Stability Studies of Ge-Based Perovskites of Controllable Mixed Cation Composition, Produced with an Ambient Surfactant-Free Approach

A review of biochar-based sorbents for separation of heavy metals from water

Recycling and regeneration of carbonaceous and porous materials through thermal or solvent treatment

Experimental analysis on relationship between roughness parameters and texture features of 6082T6 sandblasted components

Face Attribute Detection with MobileNetV2 and NasNet-Mobile

Preparation and tribological characterization of graphene incorporated electroless Ni-P composite coatings

On the effect of age perception biases for real age regression

Surface2Volume: Surface Segmentation Conforming Assemblable Volumetric Partition

Joint Demographic Features Extraction for Gender, Age and Race Classification based on CNN

Pitfalls and implementation of data conditioning, attribute analysis, and self-organizing maps to 2D data: Application to the Exmouth Plateau, North Carnarvon Basin, Australia

Chitosan hydrogel scaffold modified with carbon nanotubes and its application for food dyes removal in single and binary aqueous systems.


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Characterizing meander belts and point bars in fluvial reservoirs by combining spectral decomposition and genetic inversion

More Face Attributes 顔の属性 sentence examples

Multi-type Ant Colony Algorithm for Optimizing Land Use in The Main City of Kunming

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