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Effect of molecular weight and extensional rheology on melt blown process stability for linear isotactic polypropylenes

Influence of long chain branching on fiber diameter distribution for polypropylene nonwovens produced by melt blown process

Extensional Viscosity sentence examples within Transient Extensional Viscosity

Rheology of polymer multilayers: Slip in shear, hardening in extension

Investigating the dynamics of droplet breakup in a microfluidic cross-slot device for characterizing the extensional properties of weakly-viscoelastic fluids

Evaluation of Thickened Fluids Used in Dysphagia Management Using Extensional Rheology

Chemical physics of whey protein isolate in the presence of mucin: From macromolecular interactions to functionality.

Shear and extensional rheology of acid gel suspensions with varying ropiness.

Controlling the elongational flow behavior of complex shear-thinning fluids without affecting shear viscosity

Rheological investigations of beta glucan functionality: Interactions with mucin

Corrigendum: A comprehensive study of the electrically conducting water based CuO and Al2O3 nanoparticles over coupled nanofluid-sheet interface (2016 J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys. 49 045006)

Development of bio-based poly(butylene succinate) formulations for microcellular injection foaming

Onset of rebound suppression in non Newtonian droplets post impact on superhydrophobic surfaces

Effect of salt valency and concentration on shear and extensional rheology of aqueous polyelectrolyte solutions for enhanced oil recovery

Enhanced pressure drop, planar contraction flows and continuous spectrum models

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Development of an online rheometer for simultaneous measurement of shear and extensional viscosity during the polymer extrusion process

What controls filament thinning in uniaxial extension?

Tensile behavior and extensional viscosity of bile.

Viscoelastic planar elongational flow past an infinitely long cylinder

Dynamic stretching of a liquid bridge

The Importance of Extensional Rheology in Bolus Control during Swallowing

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The application of an extrusion modular slit head of a special construction in the in-line extensional viscosity measurements of polymers

Extensional Flow Resistance of 3D Fiber Networks in Plasticized Nanocomposites

Scission of flexible polymers in contraction flow: predicting the effects of multiple passages

Historical Review of Secondary Entry Flows in Polymer Melt Extrusion

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