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Smokers with pain are more likely to report use of e-cigarettes and other nicotine products.

Profiles of psychosocial and clinical functioning in adolescence and risk for later depression and other outcomes.

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P850 Gender identify and self-reported HPV vaccination among youth living with or at high-risk for HIV

Mental health comorbidities and cost/utilization outcomes in head and neck cancer patients

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Predictors of Better Functioning among Institutionalized Youth: A Systematic Review

Predictors of response to augmentation treatment in patients with treatment-resistant depression: A systematic review

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Contextual and historical factors for increased levels of anxiety and depression in patients with head and neck cancer: A prospective longitudinal study

Predictors of Transition to Psychosis in Individuals at Clinical High Risk

Adolescent recovery capital and recovery high school attendance: An exploratory data mining approach.

1659 Factors Associated with Use of Robot-Assistance for Hysterectomy in Treating Benign Disease

Integrating Israeli Defense Force (IDF) veterans with disabilities into the workforce: characteristics and predictors

Measurement and Structural Invariance of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in Hispanic and Caucasian Firefighters: A Bias-Corrected Bootstrap Confidence Intervals Approach

Therapist and Youth Predictors of Specific Practices Derived from the Evidence-Base in Community Mental Health

Investigating pre-service teachers’ acceptance of Web 2.0 technologies in their future teaching: a Chinese perspective

Online expressive writing intervention for reintegration difficulties among veterans: Who is most likely to benefit?

What keeps medical students healthy and well? A systematic review of observational studies on protective factors for health and well-being during medical education

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Examining Predictors 予測子の調査
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