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Sympatric and allopatric differentiation delineates population structure in free-living terrestrial bacteria

The Impact of Natural Selection on the Evolution and Function of Placentally Expressed Galectins

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More than DNA methylation: does pleiotropy drive the complex pattern of evolution of Dnmt1?

Impacts of tropical forest disturbance on species vital rates.

Identity Negotiation through Positioning in Two Selected Short Stories from Darraj’s The Inheritance of Exile

Opioid Prescribing Habits and Pain Management Among Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

Noisy neighbors and reticent residents: Distinguishing resident from non-resident individuals to improve passive acoustic monitoring

A gene-based capture assay for surveying patterns of genetic diversity and insecticide resistance in a worldwide group of invasive mosquitoes

It Is Time to Implement Primary Prevention in the Workplace to Ameliorate the Ongoing U.S. Opioid Epidemic

Alcohol and other substance use by faculty, staff, and students in a university community during two hurricanes: Lessons for preventing risky misuse.

Bioinformatic tools for DNA methylation and histone modification: A survey.

Global adaptation complicates the interpretation of genome scans for local adaptation

The emergence and ongoing convergent evolution of the N501Y lineages coincides with a major global shift in the SARS-CoV-2 selective landscape

No buzz for bees: Media coverage of pollinator decline

Sequence-based genome-wide association study of individual milk mid-infrared wavenumbers in mixed-breed dairy cattle

The emergence and ongoing convergent evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 N501Y lineages

The Spectra: Indices of Psychopathology: Construct Validity and Sensitivity to Change in an Inpatient Psychiatric Sample

The role of environmental conditions, climatic factors and spatial processes in driving multiple facets of stream macroinvertebrate beta diversity in a climatically heterogeneous mountain region

Binarity in Prosodic Morphology and Elsewhere


Criminal mobility of outlaw motorcycle gangs in Australia

An algorithm to detect non-background signals in greenhouse gas time series from European tall tower and mountain stations

Solutions for latent growth modeling following COVID-19-related discontinuities in change and disruptions in longitudinal data collection

A SMRT approach for targeted amplicon sequencing of museum specimens (Lepidoptera)—patterns of nucleotide misincorporation

Differential ADAR editing landscapes in major depressive disorder and suicide

An algorithm to detect non-background signals in greenhouse gas time series from European tall tower and mountain stations

Using Digitized Museum Collections to Investigate Population Variation in Plants

Hitting the mark: The influence of emotional culture on resilient performance.

Digital Construction Technology and Job-Site Equipment Demonstration: Modelling Relationship Strategies for Technology Adoption

Auditory-Perceptual Rating of Connected Speech in Aphasia.

Genome-wide misexpression associated with hybrid sterility in Mimulus (monkeyflower)

Understanding the Neighbourhood and Community Factors Associated with Child Maltreatment

Logics of Accountability: Cross-National Patterns in School-Level Controls.

Overlapping frontoparietal networks in response to oculomotion and traumatic autobiographical memory retrieval: implications for eye movement desensitization and reprocessing

Global adaptation confounds the search for local adaptation

Non‐random loss of phylogenetically distinct rare species degrades phylogenetic diversity in semi‐natural grasslands

Urban Migration of Sexual Minorities in the United States: Myth or Reality?

Did State Responses to Automation Matter for Voters?

Exploring the Determinants of Crime-Terror Cooperation using Machine Learning

Factors Associated With Opiate Use Among Psychiatric Inpatients: A Population-Based Study of Hospital Admissions in Ontario, Canada

Improving Interpretability of Subjective Assessments About Psychological Phenomena: A Review and Cross-Cultural Meta-Analysis


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