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Characterizing change in vagal tone during the first three years of life: A systematic review and empirical examination across two longitudinal samples

Perfectionism and performance following failure in a competitive golf-putting task

Analyzing Blood Pressure Ascent during Aging in Non-Diabetics: Focusing on Links to Insulin Resistance and Body Fat Mass

Are culturally vibrant communities healthier? Relationships between performing arts activity and health outcomes in the 500 largest US cities

Minimizing Sample Bias Due to Stigmatized Behaviours: the Representativeness of Participants in a Cohort Study of Alcohol in Pregnancy

Moderating effects of sleep difficulties on relations between posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms and positive memory count.

The Relationship Between Personality and Response Patterns on Public Opinion Surveys: The Big Five, Extreme Response Style, and Acquiescence Response Style

Place-making and performance: The impact of walkable built environments on business performance in Phoenix and Boston

A high-resolution gridded dataset to assess electrification in sub-Saharan Africa

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