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Reply: Matters Arising ‘Investigating sources of inaccuracy in wearable optical heart rate sensors’

Comparing Virtual Constraints and a Physical Stylus for Planar Writing and Drawing in Virtual Reality

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The role of criminal expertise in serial sexual offending: a comparison to “novices”

Postpartum Medicaid Extension to Address Racial Inequity in Maternal Mortality.

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Power up! A Pilot Study of a Positive Psychology Intervention for Mental Health Professionals in Greece

First‐generation antipsychotics linked to increased mortality in elderly

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Murder she said – a review on mental health issues in intimate relationship violence

Trends of cancer associated with modifiable behavior in the U.S.: Is there a difference based on age, gender, or race?

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Use of the Physical Abilities and Mobility Scale (PAMS) in Children Receiving Inpatient Rehabilitation for Spinal Cord Related Paralysis.

Antimicrobial Protein REG3A and Signaling Networks are Predictive of Stroke Outcomes.

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Coaching Teachers to Detect, Prevent, and Respond to Bullying Using Mixed Reality Simulation: an Efficacy Study in Middle Schools

Effect of pill mill laws on opioid overdose deaths in Ohio & Tennessee: A mixed-methods case study.

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Detection of a major QTL conditioning trichome length and density on chromosome arm 4BL and development of near isogenic lines targeting this locus in bread wheat

Differences in demographics and complementary and alternative medicine use between patients attending integrative kampo versus biomedical clinics in Japan.

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Assessing Research Misconduct in Iran: A Perspective from Iranian Medical Faculty Members

Assessing research misconduct in Iran: a perspective from Iranian medical faculty members

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Test–Retest Reliability and Reliable Change Estimates for Four Mobile Cognitive Tests Administered Virtually in Community-Dwelling Adults

Variations in Access to Care After the Affordable Care Act Among Different Immigrant Groups

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Reply to: Metaplastic Breast Carcinoma and Other Triple-Negative Subtype Breast Cancers: Which is the Worst?

Does trait variation within broadly distributed species mirror patterns across species? A case study in Puerto Rico.

Economic costs of biological invasions in protected areas worldwide - where do we stand?

Influence of a University Tobacco-Free Policy on the Attitudes, Perceptions of Compliance, and Policy Benefit Among the University Students: A Pre-Post Investigation

Flock Size Predicts Niche Breadth and Focal Wintering Regions for a Rapidly Declining Boreal-Breeding Passerine, the Rusty Blackbird

Voice Onset Time (VOT) Consonants Realization of Indian-Muslim English Speakers in Malaysia

Effort Mobilization and Lapses of Sustained Attention.

Functional parcellation of human and macaque striatum reveals human-specific connectivity in the dorsal caudate

Meta-Analysis of Risk of Vaccine-Induced Immune Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia Following ChAdOx1-S Recombinant Vaccine

Pupillometry reveals cognitive demands of lexical competition during spoken word recognition in young and older adults

Meta-Analytic Methods to Detect Publication Bias in Behavior Science Research

Time from submission to publication varied widely for biomedical journals: a systematic review

Influence of sports background on the bouncing mechanism of running.

Relationship between meteoric 10Be and NO3− concentrations in soils along Shackleton Glacier, Antarctica

Ready or Not, Here It Comes: A Model of Perceived Financial Preparedness for Retirement

315 Athlete Sleep and Mental Health: Differences by Gender, Race, and Ethnicity

Children and Adolescents’ Third-Person Perception Regarding Depictions of Violence in Different TV Genres

Developing a biomechanical model-based elasticity imaging method for assessing hormone receptor positive breast cancer treatment-related myocardial stiffness changes.

Approximate rational solutions to the Thomas-Fermi equation based on dynamic consistency

Age- and sex-related topological organisation of human brain functional networks and their relationship to cognition

Microfinance and Entrepreneurship at the Base of the Pyramid

COVID-19 in patients with and without cancer: Examining differences in patient characteristics and outcomes

Pre-pregnancy BMI-associated miRNA and mRNA expression signatures in the placenta highlight a sexually-dimorphic response to maternal underweight status.

New Horizons for Immigrant Nurses Through a Mental Health Self-Management Program: A Pre- and Post-Test Mixed-Method Approach

A brief report of the prevalence of chronic and acute health conditions among blind American adults.

Built Environment and Self-Rated Health: Comparing Young, Middle-Aged, and Older People in Chengdu, China

Speech rhythm convergence in a dyadic reading task

Nicotine/tobacco product use and dependence symptoms among US adolescents and adults: Differences by age, sex, and sexual identity.

Educational expansion and educational homogamy among the highly educated in Sweden

Differences in Social Isolation and Its Relationship to Health by Rurality.

From peaks to prairies: a time-of-travel synoptic survey of pesticides in watersheds of southern Alberta, Canada

Vertebrate herbivory on shrub seedlings in California sage scrub: important but understudied interactions

Health disparities between genderqueer, transgender, and cisgender individuals: An extension of minority stress theory.

How do institutional constraints affect judicial decision-making? The European Court of Justice’s French language mandate

A multi-state examination of the victims of fatal adolescent intimate partner violence, 2011-2015.

Transcriptional Blood Signatures for Active and Amphotericin B Treated Visceral Leishmaniasis in India

Diverging Trajectories or Parallel Pathways? An Intersectional and Life Course Approach to the Gender Earnings Gap by Race and Education

Modification of English Complex Noun Phrases: A Case Study of Native and Non-Native Writers

Response to: Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome and obesity: screening ability

(221) μ-Opioid Receptor Binding Potential is Higher among Non-Hispanic Black Compared to Non-Hispanic White Adults

Measurement Characteristics of the Knowledge Assessment of Renal Transplantation

The cognitive structuring of national identity: individual differences in identifying as American

Assessment of Risk for Psychosis

What I have is what I am: Differences in demographics, suicidal thoughts and behaviors, and firearm behavior and beliefs between firearm owners who do and do not primarily identify as firearm owners.

Sentencing, Domestic Violence, and the Overrepresentation of Indigenous Australians: Does Court Location Matter?

Ethnic disparities in pain processing among healthy adults: μ-opioid receptor binding potential as a putative mechanism.

Speech Perception Outcomes for Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients Using a Lateral Wall or Perimodiolar Array.

Mental Distress, Well-Being, and Stress-Related Growth following an Anti-LGBQ Hate Crime among LGBQ Young Adults in Israel: The Effect of Familiarity with the Victims and the Mediating Role of Emotional Support

Social power and frontal alpha asymmetry

Variation in the barriers to compassion across healthcare training and disciplines: A cross-sectional study of doctors, nurses, and medical students.

Size matters: wintering ducks stay longer and use fewer habitats on largest Chinese lakes

Assessment of driving fitness among patients with alcohol-related visits to two hospitals in eastern Finland

Long-Term Youth Unemployment: Evidence from Turkish Household Labour Force Survey

Detecting Lies via a Theme-Selection Strategy

Editorial: A brief overview of the 2018 Neurobiology of Stress Workshop

Speech Perception Outcomes for Adult Cochlear Implant Recipients Using a Lateral Wall or Perimodiolar Array.

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