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Book Review: Christopher B. James. Church Planting in Post-Christian Soil: Theology and Practice

Book Review: W. Jay Moon. Intercultural Discipleship: Learning from Global Approaches to Spiritual Formation

Evaluative Framework sentence examples within Different Evaluative Framework

Appropriate frameworks for economic evaluation of end of life care: A qualitative investigation with stakeholders

Vain foresight: Against the idea of implementation in planning

Evaluative Framework sentence examples within Proposed Evaluative Framework

UcEF for Semantic IR

Tax Incentives in Developing Countries: A Case Study—Singapore and Philippines

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Implications of a food system approach for policy agenda-setting design

Going beyond parametric regression in public management research

Re-invent Yourself! How Demands for Innovativeness Reshape Epistemic Practices

The Value and Risks of Hope

Espoused Theories and Theories-In-Use of Information Literacy

PP24 Prehospital feedback in the United Kingdom: protocol for a review of current practice using a realist approach

Assessing changes to ecosystem service values at large geographic scale: A case study for Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

Subprime Empire

Automation on Twitter: Measuring the Effectiveness of Approaches to Bot Detection

Appraising psychotherapy case studies in practice-based evidence: introducing Case Study Evaluation-tool (CaSE)

Restorative Justice in New Zealand Schools: An Evaluation of Sustainable Practice

Effect of smoke-free policies in military settings on tobacco smoke exposure and smoking behaviour: a systematic review

A framework for analysing and informing Australia’s National strategic natural resource management policies

Integrating Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV Care into General Maternal Child Health Care in Western Kenya

Saudi and Bahraini Mothers’ Experiences of Including Their Autistic Adolescent Sons in Education: A Capabilities Approach

A transdisciplinary evaluation framework for the assessment of integration in boundary-crossing collaborations in teacher education

Education for transformation: an evaluative framework to guide student voice work in schools

Evaluating of factor affecting the cloud-based collaboration system based on FAHP

A Constructive Study of the Evaluation System of Audiovisual and Speaking Textbooks

An evaluative framework for the appraisal of the planning role in smart cities

Developing a Model of Disciplinary Literacy Instruction for K-12 Engineering Education: Comparing the Literacy Practices of Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (Fundamental)

Defining and measuring health equity in research on task shifting in high-income countries: A systematic review

Making a difference in the real world? A meta-analysis of the quality of use-oriented research using the Research Quality Plus approach

Identifying Criteria for the Evaluation of the Implications of Brain Reading for Mental Privacy

Factors associated with successful dementia education for practitioners in primary care: an in-depth case study

Rethinking Regional Development Strategies in Saudi Arabia: Planning Processes, Governance, and Implementation

Assessing Democracy In Vitro , In Vivo , and In Actu and the Role of Democratic Theory Today

Developing a new quality of life instrument with older people for economic evaluation in aged care: study protocol

Exploring the social justice work of early childhood educators


Systemic risk of maritime-related oil spills viewed from an Arctic and insurance perspective

Rights, inclusion and citizenship: a good news story about learning in the early years

Making Them Strong? Vulnerability and Resilience in Poor Children

Using Arnstein’s Ladder as an Evaluative Framework for the Assessment of Participatory Work in Postdisaster Haiti

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Evaluative Framework 評価の枠組み
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