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Apples and oranges: three criteria for positive emotion typologies

A Search to Capture and Report on Feasibility of Implementation

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Explanatory Pluralism in Explainable AI

Review of Rated Agency: Investee Politics in a Speculative Age by Michel Feher (Zone Books)

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Development of Apparel Product Evaluation (APE) framework: a systematic classification of evaluative criteria

Development of Fashion Product Evaluation (FPE) Framework

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“My Regular Pharmacy”


Family Health Strategy Care Accessibility in West Bahia.

Evaluation of Performance

Evaluating the Impact of Informal Institutional Arrangements on the Transfer of Development Rights for Built Heritage Conservation in Dense Cities

Toward a Definition of Complex Cognitive Skill

Youth and Staff Perceptions of Desired Outcomes from Positive Youth Development Focused Recreation Organizations: the Formation of Potential Evaluative Criteria

Processo avaliativo utilizado pelos professores do ensino médio nas aulas de educação física da rede estadual de ensino de Santa Rosa do Sul/SC

The features and qualities of online training modules in research ethics: a case study evaluating their institutional application for the University of Botswana

New approach for estimation of criteria weights based on a linguistic evaluation

Curriculum to Prepare AEC Students for BIM-Enabled Globally Distributed Projects

Dealing with hand arthritis

Test Length and Sample Size for Item-Difficulty Parameter Estimation in Item Response Theory

Efficacy of High-Power Laser in Alleviating Pain and Improving Function of Patients With Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome: A Single-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial.

Before and After Legal Positivity: Peremptory Norms from Global and Transnational Social Practice

Data Analytics Tools: A User Perspective

Cómo apoyar la Agenda 2030 desde los Centros Comunitarios Inteligentes (CECIs-MICITT) albergados en el Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas (SINABI-MCJ)

Barriers and facilitators experienced by patients, carers and healthcare professionals when managing symptoms in infants, children and young people at end-of-life: a mixed methods systematic review protocol

[Analysis of evaluation results of malaria elimination in Jiujiang City].

Evaluating qualitative research in management accounting using the criteria of “convincingness”

Evaluating the effectiveness of performance management: A 30-year integrative conceptual review.

Medical Education in the Digital Era

Privatizing the commons: New approaches need broader evaluative criteria for sustainability

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