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Fixed-cost pooling strategies

What Happened in CLEF \ldots For a While?

On the CUSP: the politics and prospects of scaling social norms change programming

Adversarial Semantic Alignment for Improved Image Captions

Altered monoamine levels in the dorsal striatum of the rat are associated with alterations in behavioural selection and motivation following peripheral nerve injury and acute stress

The basolateral amygdala-medial prefrontal cortex circuitry regulates behavioral flexibility during appetitive reversal learning.

Study Protocol: Transitions in Adolescent Girls (TAG)

From legal to normative: A combined social representations and sociocognitive approach to diagnosing cultural change triggered by new environmental laws

Paradigma Manajemen Leader dalam Konstruksi Kesalehan Sosial Siswa di MA Shofa Marwa Kabupaten Grobogan

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