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Application of sodium alginate extracted from a Tunisian brown algae Padina pavonica for essential oil encapsulation: Microspheres preparation, characterization and in vitro release study.

The effect of clove essential oil loaded chitosan nanoparticles on the shelf life and quality of pomegranate arils.

Essential Oil Loaded sentence examples within essential oil loaded chitosan

The effect of clove essential oil loaded chitosan nanoparticles on the shelf life and quality of pomegranate arils.

Application of chitosan nanoparticles containing Cuminum cyminum oil as a delivery system for shelf life extension of Agaricus bisporus

Functionalization of mesoporous silica as an effective composite carrier for essential oils with improved sustained release behavior and long-term antibacterial performance.

Essential Oil-Loaded NLC for Potential Intranasal Administration

Preparation and characterization of clove essential oil loaded nanoemulsion and pickering emulsion activated pullulan-gelatin based edible film.

Performance of Gelatin Films Reinforced with Cloisite Na+ and Black Pepper Essential Oil Loaded Nanoemulsion

Application of clove essential oil-loaded nanoemulsions in coating of chicken fillets

Development of Innovative Chewable Gel Tablets Containing Nutmeg Essential Oil Microcapsules and Their Physical Properties Evaluation

Characterization and Physical and Biological Properties of Tissue Conditioner Incorporated with Carum copticum L.

Zingiber cassumunar Roxb. Essential Oil-Loaded Electrospun Poly(lactic acid)/Poly(ethylene oxide) Fiber Blend Membrane for Antibacterial Wound Dressing Application

Fabrication, Characterization, and Antifungal Assessment of Jasmine Essential Oil-Loaded Chitosan Nanomatrix Against Aspergillus flavus in Food System

Electrospraying method for fabrication of essential oil loaded-chitosan nanoparticle delivery systems characterized by molecular, thermal, morphological and antifungal properties

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