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Equivalent Transformation sentence examples within load displacement curve

Comparison and analysis of conversion methods for self-balancing test of pile bearing capacity

Equivalent Transformation sentence examples within Model Equivalent Transformation

A Kalman smoother based estimation approach for dynamic adjustment systems with irregularly missing output data

Sensor Fault Diagnosis and Fault Tolerant Control for Stochastic Distribution Time-delayed Control Systems

Equivalent Transformation sentence examples within State Equivalent Transformation

Leader-follower consensus control of linear multi-agent systems with unknown disturbances

Finite-time state estimation and active mode identification for uncertain switched linear systems

Equivalent Transformation sentence examples within Use Equivalent Transformation

A New Approach to Solving the Problem of Generating Sets of Complex Structural Objects Based on a Quasi-Equivalent Transformation of a Labeling Scheme

Constrained Multi-objective Optimization Method for Practical Scientific Workflow Resource Selection

Equivalent Transformation sentence examples within Algebraic Equivalent Transformation

Preface for special issue Petri/Sleptsov net based technology of programming for parallel, emergent and distributed systems

Interior-point algorithm for sufficient LCPs based on the technique of algebraically equivalent transformation

Equivalent Transformation sentence examples within An Equivalent Transformation

Command Filter-Based Adaptive Neural Control Design for Nonstrict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems With Multiple Actuator Constraints.

Magnetic Field Calculation of the Eccentric Surface-mounted Permanent Magnet Machine

Equivalent Transformation sentence examples within equivalent transformation method

Dynamic Wireless Information and Power Transfer Scheme for Nano-Empowered Vehicular Networks

Command Filter-Based Adaptive Neural Control Design for Nonstrict-Feedback Nonlinear Systems With Multiple Actuator Constraints.

Equivalent Transformation sentence examples within equivalent transformation rule

Logical Problem Solving Framework

Logical Approach to Theorem Proving with Term Rewriting on KR-logic

Time-dependent sequential optimization and possibility assessment method for time-dependent failure possibility-based design optimization

Optimal Operation of Integrated Heat and Electricity Systems: A Tightening McCormick Approach

Output feedback control of fractional order Takagi–Sugeno fuzzy singularly perturbed systems

Inclusion of Current Limiter Nonlinearity in the Characteristic Analysis of Sustained Subsynchronous Oscillations in Grid-Connected PMSGs

An Equivalent Aggregation Model of Wind Farm Considering Wind Curtailment

Solving Complex-Valued Time-Varying Linear Matrix Equations via QR Decomposition With Applications to Robotic Motion Tracking and on Angle-of-Arrival Localization.

Optimal pricing and inventory policies with reference price effect and loss-Averse customers

Accuracy Analysis of Point Target Reference Spectrum

Link Adjustment for Assembly Deviation Control of Extendible Support Structures via Sparse Optimization

Investigation on total adjustment of the transducer and seafloor transponder for GNSS/Acoustic precise underwater point positioning

Group Analysis of the Plane Steady Vortex Submodel of Ideal Gas with Varying Entropy

Guaranteed Cost Control Research for Networked Control System with Time-Varying Sampling Period

An analytic solution for multi-period uncertain portfolio selection problem

Adaptive Sparse Array Beamformer Design by Regularized Complementary Antenna Switching

A State-scaling Design for Prescribed-time Stabilization of High-order Nonlinear Systems with Input Quantization

Finite-time stabilization control of quantum systems

A standardized modeling strategy for heat current method-based analysis and simulation of thermal systems

Evaluation of the development ability of medical association based on evidential reasoning and prospect theory

Realization of a Data-based Adaptive Networked Tracking Control in NetCon System

A fully structured preconditioner for a class of complex symmetric indefinite linear systems

Global sensitivity analysis of failure probability of structures with uncertainties of random variable and their distribution parameters

A Snake-Inspired Layer-Driven Continuum Robot.

Real-domain QR decomposition models employing zeroing neural network and time-discretization formulas for time-varying matrices

Estimating the Probability of Wind Power Ramp Events: A Distributionally Robust Approach

The Order of Things: Position-Aware Network-friendly Recommendations in Long Viewing Sessions

Normal forms for match-action programs

Optimal Placement of Low-Altitude Aerial Base Station for Securing Communications

Reliability of electrostatically actuated MEMS resonators to random mass disturbance

Variable structure control for nonlinear neutral systems

A Generalized Approach for Multifrequency Transmission Line Transformer With Frequency-Dependent Complex Source and Load

Optimal Energy-Efficient Beamforming Designs for Cloud-RANs With Rate-Dependent Fronthaul Power

Risk-Limiting Load Restoration for Resilience Enhancement With Intermittent Energy Resources

Model-Free Control Design for Nonlinear Mechanical Systems

К вопросу эффективности методов и алгоритмов решения оптимизационных задач с учетом специфики целевой функции

Speed sensorless control strategy for six-phase linear induction motor based on the dual reduced-dimensional serial extended Kalman filters

Relations of logical consequence in logics of partial predicates with composition of predicate complement

Secrecy Precoder Design for k-User MIMO Interference Channels

Term Rewriting that Preserves Models in KR-Logic

Matrix Representation of Capacity-Based Multicriteria Decision Analysis

Global Algorithm for Generalized Affine Multiplicative Programming Problem

A study of voltage feedforward under weak grid conditions

A semi-empirical fracture model for silicon cleavage fracture and its molecular dynamics study

Balancing social, economic and ecological benefits of reservoir operation during the flood season: A case study of the Three Gorges Project, China

Solving for Inverse-Like Dynamic Matrices of Variables and Derivatives Using Zhang Neural Dynamics (ZND) Equivalency

Equivalent Transformations of Structurally Synthesized BDDs and Applications

Adaptive Neural Control for Nonaffine Pure-Feedback System Based on Extreme Learning Machine

Output-feedback stabilization of singular LPV systems subject to inexact scheduling parameters

Stability Analysis of Multi-Paralleled Grid-Connected Inverters with LCL-Filter in the Weak Grid

Optimal recursive estimation for networked stochastic uncertain systems with fading measurements and time-correlated channel noises


Low-level Code Auto-tuning for State-of-the-art Multicore Architectures

Fatigue life assessment of FRP cable for long-span cable-stayed bridge

Long Term Max-min Fairness Guarantee Mechanism: Adaptive Task Splitting and Resource Allocation in MEC-enabled Networks

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