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Iterative Rectifying Methods for Nonrepetitive Continuous-Time Learning Control Systems.

Convergence Analysis of Robust Iterative Learning Control Against Nonrepetitive Uncertainties: System Equivalence Transformation

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Orientation of Implicit State Space Models and the Partitioning of Kronecker Structure

Decoupling of cubic polynomial matrix systems

On conditions guaranteeing two rational matrices possess identical pole/zero structure

Group classification for a class of non-linear models of the RAPM type

Anisotropic non-linear time-fractional diffusion equation with a source term: Classification via Lie point symmetries, analytic solutions and numerical simulation

Equivalence Transformation, Dynamical Analysis and Exact Solutions of Harry-Dym System with Variable Coefficients

Computationally Efficient SDRE Control Design for 3-DOF Helicopter Benchmark System

Modeling the gravitational field by using CFD techniques

Symmetry properties of conservation laws for nonlinear Fokker-Planck equation describing cell population growth

On the Resolution of a Remarkable Bond Pricing Model from Financial Mathematics: Application of the Deductive Group Theoretical Technique

A complete Lie symmetry classification of a class of (1+2)-dimensional reaction-diffusion-convection equations

On the stability and the stabilization of linear discrete repetitive processes

Equivalence classes and linearization of the Riccati and Abel chain

On conditions guaranteeing two rational matrices possess identical pole/zero structure

Optimal quotients for solving large eigenvalue problems

Group classification of dynamics equations of self-gravitating gas

Wildness for tensors

Inductive Theorem Proving in Non-terminating Rewriting Systems and Its Application to Program Transformation

Trajectory planning and tracking control of a ground mobile robot:A reconstruction approach towards space vehicle.

Conservation laws and nonlocally related systems of the Hunter–Saxton equation for liquid crystal

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