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Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Built Environmental Attributes

Neighborhood environmental attributes and walking mobility decline: A longitudinal ecological study of mid-to-older aged Australian adults

317Neighbourhood built and social environmental attributes associated with frailty among mid-to-older aged Australian adults

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Neighborhood Environmental Attributes

Associations of neighborhood built and social environments with frailty among mid‐to‐older aged Australian adults

Distances walked to and from local destinations: Age-related variations and implications for determining buffer sizes

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Physical Environmental Attributes

Investigating the Invasion Pattern of the Alien Plant Solanum elaeagnifolium Cav. (Silverleaf Nightshade): Environmental and Human-Induced Drivers

Neighborhood Conditions and Recurrent Emergency Department Utilization by Children in the United States

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Variou Environmental Attributes

Drone Interrogation (and its Low-Cost Alternative) in Backscatter Environmental Sensor Networks

Realistic Pedestrian Simulation Based on the Environmental Attention Model

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Specific Environmental Attributes

Adaptation and evaluation of the neighborhood environment walkability scale for youth for Chinese children (NEWS-CC)

An Exploration of Factors Affecting Drivers’ Daily Fuel Consumption Efficiencies Considering Multi-Level Random Effects

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Different Environmental Attributes

Impact of environmental attributes on the uncertainty in MAIAC/MODIS AOD retrievals: A comparative analysis

Multiple environmental factors regulate the large-scale patterns of plant water use efficiency and nitrogen availability across China’s forests

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Perceived Environmental Attributes

Children’s Active School Travel: Examining the Combined Perceived and Objective Built-Environment Factors from Space Syntax

Developing a place-sensitive tool for park-safety management experiences from green-space managers and female park users in Oslo

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Nine Environmental Attributes

Older adults’ environmental preferences for transportation cycling

Bioclimatic modeling in the Last Glacial Maximum, Mid-Holocene and facing future climatic changes in the strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo L.)

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Associated Environmental Attributes

A few Ascomycota taxa dominate soil fungal communities worldwide

The influence of different restoration thinning treatments on tree growth in a depleted forest system

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Identify Environmental Attributes

Seasonal influence, enteropathogenic microbial load and diarrhoeal enigma in the Gangetic Delta, India: Present scenario and health implications.

Hilly neighborhoods are associated with increased risk of weight gain among older adults in rural Japan: a 3-years follow-up study

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Local Environmental Attributes

Spatial heterogeneity of ecosystem services: a distance decay approach to quantify willingness to pay for improvements in Heihe River Basin ecosystems

Associations of Local Social Engagement and Environmental Attributes With Walking and Sitting Among Japanese Older Adults.

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Neighbourhood Environmental Attributes

Suburban neighborhood environments and depression: A case study of Guangzhou, China

Objectively measured access to recreational destinations and leisure-time physical activity: Associations and demographic moderators in a six-country study.

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Positive Environmental Attributes

A novel NIRS modelling method with OPLS-SPA and MIX-PLS for timber evaluation

Eutrophication and climate change impacts of a case study of New Zealand beef to the European market.

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Major Environmental Attributes

Similar geographic patterns but distinct assembly processes of abundant and rare bacterioplankton communities in river networks of the Taihu Basin

Regulatory and policy implications of sand mining along shallow waters of Njelele River in South Africa

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within Varying Environmental Attributes

Examining geographical disparities in the incubation period of the COVID-19 infected cases in Shenzhen and Hefei, China

Conformance of sowing dates for maximizing heat use efficiency and seed cotton yield in arid to semi-arid cotton zone of Pakistan

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within environmental attributes associated

Built-environment attributes associated with refugee children’s physical activity: a narrative review and research agenda

Differences in social and physical dimensions of perceived walkability in Mexican American and non-hispanic white walking environments in Tucson, Arizona

Environmental Attributes sentence examples within environmental attributes influence

The role of the built environment in promoting movement and physical activity across the lifespan: Implications for public health.

Can trail characteristics influence visitor numbers in natural protected areas? A quantitative approach to trail choice assessment

Theoretical study on the effectiveness of optical filters to suppress orientation-based solar light noise.

The Closer the Better? Modeling Spatial Spillover Effects of Ecological Externalities in Coastal Mangroves

Annual movements of four South American tyrant flycatchers: uncovering intratropical migration patterns

Introduction to pulp and paper industry: Global scenario

A Non-Market Valuation Approach to Environmental Cost-Benefit Analysis for Sanitary Landfill Project Appraisal

Assessment of electric vehicle repurchase intention: A survey-based study on the Norwegian EV market

Wandering Eyes: Using Gaze-Tracking Method to Capture Eye Fixations in Unfamiliar Healthcare Environments.

The climatic, topographic and litho-tectonic characteristics of badlands in Turkey

Research on Structured Description Framework of High Temperature Molten Metal Accident

Research on Multi-criteria Material Selection of Automobile in Full Cycle under the Background of Green Manufacturing

A behaviour-based pricing model of the green product supply chain

Role of sustainability attributes and occasion matters in determining consumers’ beef choice

A Multi-Tenant Access Control Method Based on Environmental Attributes and Security Labels

Joint effects of ethnic enclave residence and ambient volatile organic compounds exposure on risk of gestational diabetes mellitus among Asian/Pacific Islander women in the United States

What drives visitors to tourist sites to choose “green” accommodation facilities?

An ichnological predictive map of the Jezero Crater, Mars: searching for potential traces of life-substrate interactions based on terrestrial analogues (Liguria, Italy; Naturtejo UNESCO Geopark, Portugal; Ômnôgov, Mongolia)

Environmental Characteristics of HIV/AIDS Affected Households in a Nigerian Rural Community.

Relationships between urban vegetation and academic achievement vary with social and environmental context

Estimating ammonia emissions from cropland in China based on the establishment of agro-region-specific models

Deep Learning Based Time-Series Forecasting Framework for Olive Precision Farming

The influences of renewable electricity generation, technological innovation, financial development, and economic growth on ecological footprints in ASEAN-5 countries

A predictive model for the ichnological suitability of the Jezero crater, Mars: searching for fossilized traces of life-substrate interactions in the 2020 Rover Mission Landing Site

A Socio-Ecological Perspective on COVID-19 Spatiotemporal Integrated Vulnerability in Singapore

GIS-based modeling to assess ecological niche differentiation in four species of sympatric lichens at risk in Nova Scotia, Canada

Environmental Attributes Review of Muara Angke Fish Market and Auction, Jakarta, Indonesia

Propertizing Environmental Attributes

Scales of Effect for Urban Mammals Vary Among Species and Environmental Attributes

Nutrient recovery from swine wastewater at full-scale: An integrated technical, economic and environmental feasibility assessment.

Compared to Wildfire, Management Practices Reduced Old-Growth Forest Diversity and Functionality in Primary Boreal Landscapes of Eastern Canada

Effects of personality, health and mood on satisfaction and quality perception of urban mountain parks


A validation of the mathematical resilience scale for twelfth graders through confirmatory factor analysis and its relationship with achievement in mathematics in Nigeria

Testing the Effect of Hedge Height on Perceived Safety—A Landscape Design Intervention

Surface runoff associated with climate change and land use and land cover in southeast region of Brazil

Training Optimization for Gate-Model Quantum Neural Networks

Data-driven approach for spatiotemporal distribution prediction of fault events in power transmission systems

Domains of religious coping behavior among African Christians in NSW Australia: An exploratory qualitative study

Table grapes as functional food: Consumer preferences for health and environmental attributes

The Managerial Dimension of Open Data Success: Focusing on the Open Data Initiatives in Korean Local Governments

Urban design and Japanese older adults’ depressive symptoms

Cross-Biome Drivers of Soil Bacterial Alpha Diversity on a Worldwide Scale

Expanded comfort assessment in outdoor urban public spaces using Box-Cox transformation

Associations between environmental attributes of facilities and female participation in sport: a systematic review

Developing an Optimal Policy for Green Supplier Selection and Order Allocation Using Dynamic Programming


Assessment of eco-sustainability vis-à-vis zoo-technical attributes of soybean meal (SBM) replacement with varying levels of coated urea in Nellore sheep (Ovis aries)

Failure rate prediction of electrical meters based on weighted hierarchical Bayesian

Examination of the Effects of Solids Content on Thickened Gold Mine Tailings Sedimentation and Self-Weight Consolidation

A hierarchy of environmental covariates control the global biogeography of soil bacterial richness

Environmentally sustainable versus aesthetic values motivating millennials’ preferences for wine purchasing: evidence from an experimental analysis in Italy

Student transitions into drug supply: exploring the university as a ‘risk environment’

Perceptual Evaluation and Metric for Terrain Models

Beyond nature: The roles of visual appeal and individual differences in perceived restorative potential

[Pollution Characteristics of OPEs in the Surface Water and Sediment of the Jinjiang River in Chengdu City].

An Environment Aware Learning-based SelfAdaptation Technique with Reusable Components

A Multivariate Modeling Analysis of Commuters’ Non-Work Activity Allocations in Xiaoshan District of Hangzhou, China

Movement Skill Assessment in Children: Overview and Recommendations for Research and Practice

Landscape‐specific thresholds in the relationship between species richness and natural land cover

How to allocate discharge permits more fairly in China?-A new perspective from watershed and regional allocation comparison on socio-natural equality.

The application of multi-attribute utility theory for a market share-based design evaluation

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