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Micro enterprises, self-efficacy and knowledge acquisition: evidence from Greece and Spain

A qualitative study on motivators and barriers affecting entrepreneurship among Latinas

Digital entrepreneurship in Morocco: measurement model validation

Entrepreneurial Motivations and Intentions among Students: A Case Study at a Vocational Institution

Entrepreneurial Motivation in University Business Students: A Latent Profile Analysis based on Self-determination Theory

Strategic, Legal, and Accounting Challenges for Social Enterprises

Special Issue: The entrepreneurship educator’s classroom – Exploring and uncovering what lies beneath

Individual entrepreneurial orientation, entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial intention: The mediating role of entrepreneurial motivations

An investigation of migrant entrepreneurs: the case of Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Understanding the Role of Cultural Orientations in the Formation of Entrepreneurial Intentions in Iran

Entrepreneurial Intentions in Students from a Trans-National Perspective

Orientação e Motivação Empreendedoras: evidências do empreendedorismo religioso

Using Social Network Analysis to Understand Trust, Reciprocity, and Togetherness in Wildlife Tourism Microentrepreneurship

Governance Quality, Foreign Direct Investment, and Entrepreneurship in Emerging Markets

Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility in Ecotourism: Entrepreneurial Motivation Enacted Through Sustainability Objectives

What motivates millennials? How intersectionality shapes the working lives of female entrepreneurs in Canada’s fashion industry

Fluid entrepreneurial motivations in Tanzania

Entrepreneurial Potential and Gender Effects: The Role of Personality Traits in University Students’ Entrepreneurial Intentions

Motivation of female entrepreneurs: a cross-national study

Internationalization of Firms and Entrepreneur’s Motivations: A Review and Research Agenda

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Entrepreneurial Motivations 起業家の動機
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