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Linkage between satisfaction with colleagues, promotion, nature of work, and three-dimensional organizational commitment

Research on Problems and Countermeasures in LT Company Recruitment Management

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Labor mobility and antitakeover provisions

Labor Mobility and Antitakeover Provisions

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Living It Up at the Hotel California: Employee Mobility Barriers and Collaborativeness in Firms’ Innovation

Employee Mobility Barriers and Inventor Collaborativeness in Firms

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Quantity, Variety, or both? “R&D Worker Flows, Diversity, and effects on Technological Performance”

Do Managers’ Affiliation Ties Have a Negative Relationship with Subordinates’ Interfirm Mobility? Evidence from Large U.S. Law Firms

Information asymmetry and the inefficiency of informal ip strategies within employment relationships

Do Ties That Bind Hurt? The Consequences of Noncompete Mobility Constraints

Locked In? The Enforceability of Covenants Not to Compete and the Careers of High-Tech Workers

Noncompetes and Employee Mobility

Relationship between Employee Mobility and Organizational Creativity to Improve Organizational Performance: A Strategic Analysis

Unintentional, unavoidable, and beneficial knowledge leakage from the multinational enterprise

My Colleague Just Left! A Knowledge-Based Perspective on Co-Worker Departures

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Employee Mobility 従業員のモビリティ
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