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Higher purpose, banking and stability

How do cultural difference, cultural exposure, and CQ affect interpretations of trust from contract choices? Evidence from dyadic cross-country experiments

The interactive effects of manager narcissism and the framing of the manager’s incentive scheme on employee effort

An Experimental Investigation of How Self-Interested Organizational Norms Undermine Prosocial Motivation and Influence Employee Effort

Charitable Contribution Matching and Effort-Elicitation

Investigating the role of customers’ perceptions of employee effort and justice in service recovery: A cross-cultural perspective

The Influence of the Immediate Manager on the Avoidance of Non-green Behaviors in the Workplace: A Three-Wave Moderated-Mediation Model

I Would Speak Up to Live Up to Your Trust: The Role of Psychological Safety and Regulatory Focus

A Network Data Science Approach to People Analytics

Public Sector Leadership∗

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Employee Effort 従業員の努力
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