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Are Vapor-Like Fluids Viable Ore Fluids for Cu-Au-Mo Porphyry Ore Formation?

Structure and Laminar Flame Speed of an Ammonia/Methane/Air Premixed Flame under Varying Pressure and Equivalence Ratio

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Non-Cirrhotic Intrahepatic Portal Hypertension Induced Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension: Is it More Prevalent than we Think?

Medical Complications in Pregnancy

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Probing negative ions and electrons in the afterglow of a low-pressure oxygen radiofrequency plasma using laser-induced photodetachment

Hydrothermal eruptions at unstable crater lakes: Insights from the Boiling Lake, Dominica, Lesser Antilles

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Plasticization resistance-enhanced CO2 separation at elevated pressures by mixed matrix membranes containing flexible metal-organic framework fillers

Lab in a DAC - high-pressure crystal chemistry in a diamond-anvil cell.

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High-Pressure Dielectric Studies—a Way to Experimentally Determine the Solubility of a Drug in the Polymer Matrix at Low Temperatures

Chemical effect of ethanol on the aromatics formation in methane-ethanol coflow diffusion flame at pressures from 1 to 6 bar: A numerical study

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Predictors for Reintervention after Surgical Coarctation Repair through Left Thoracotomy

A contribution to the understanding of ocular and cerebrospinal fluid dynamics in astronauts during long-lasting spaceflight

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Pressure-induced site swapping, luminescence quenching, and color tunability of Gd2Hf2O7:Eu3+ nanoparticles

Impairment of Membrane Repolarization Accompanies Axon Transport Deficits in Glaucoma

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Features of Morphogenesis of Aortic Aneurysms on the Background of Hypertension and Associated Risk Factors

Multi-functional Resin Coated Sand Proppants: Examination using Microscopy and Energy Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy

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Application of natural zeolite for recycling of polymer waste

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Using a neural network in a thermophysical problem

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Pressure effect during the formation of a selective layer on the structure and performance of dynamic composite membranes for pervaporation

Structure of the superconducting high-pressure phase of Sc3CoC4

The Impact of Pressure and Hydrocarbons on NOx Abatement over Cu- and Fe-Zeolites at Pre-Turbocharger Position

CO2/brine interfacial tension and rock wettability at reservoir conditions: A critical review of previous studies and case study of black shale from Malaysian formation

A Numerical Study on the Influence of Hydrogen Addition on Soot Formation in a Laminar Aviation Kerosene (Jet A1) Flame at Elevated Pressure

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Temperature-pressure-composition model for melt viscosity in the Di-An-Ab system

High-pressure vibrational spectra of humite-group minerals: Fluorine effect on thermodynamic properties and hydrogen bonds

Evaluation of the applicability of in-situ combustion in a heavy oil carbonate field with high initial oil saturation

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Heat transfer augmentation by recombination reactions in turbulent reacting boundary layers at elevated pressures

Experimental Study of Hydraulic Sealability and Shear Bond Strength of Cementitious Barrier Materials

Assessment of sulfur trioxide formation due to enhanced interaction of nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides in pressurized oxy-combustion

Pressure-dependent band-bending in ZnO: A near-ambient-pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study

Relative Effects of Velocity- and Mixture-Coupling in a Thermoacoustically Unstable, Partially-Premixed Flame

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Laminar burning velocity measurements of ethanol+air and methanol+air flames at atmospheric and elevated pressures using a new Heat Flux setup

Towards the potential of trihexyltetradecylphosphonium indazolide with aprotic heterocyclic ionic liquid as an efficient absorbent for membrane-assisted gas absorption technique for acid gas removal applications

High Pressure Behaviors and a Novel High-Pressure Phase of Cuprous Oxide Cu2O

Improving the homogeneity and quality of InGaN/GaN quantum well exhibiting high In content under low TMIn flow and high pressure growth

Impact of particle loading and phase coupling on gas–solid flow dynamics: A case study of a two-phase, gas–solid flow in an annular pipe

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Effects of radiation reabsorption on laminar NH3/H2/air flames

Acquire Ocean Bottom Seismic Data and Time-Lapse Geochemistry Data Simultaneously to Identify Compartmentalization and Map Hydrocarbon Movement

Understanding the enhanced production of poly-aromatic hydrocarbons during the pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass components under pressurized entrained-flow conditions

Movement and combustion characteristics of densified rice hull pellets in a fluidized bed combustor at elevated pressures

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Investigations on laminar premixed flame characteristics of ethyl acetate

Hydrogen defects in feldspars: kinetics of D/H isotope exchange and diffusion of hydrogen species in alkali feldspars

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A fibre-optical method for monitoring barite precipitation at high pressure/high temperature conditions

Validating the CHARMM36m protein force field with LJ-PME reveals altered hydrogen bonding dynamics under elevated pressures

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Genetic Epidemiology of Primary Congenital Glaucoma in the 22 Arab Countries: A Systematic Review.

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A Needle-Free Jet Injection System for Controlled Release and Repeated Biopharmaceutical Delivery

The Successful Development, Validation, and First Use of an Innovative Zinc-Free, High-Density Completion Fluid for Deepwater

Investigation of clogging in porous media induced by microorganisms using a microfluidic application

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The consistency of pressure effects between three identical Coriolis flow meters

Metabolites of Marine Sediment-Derived Fungi: Actual Trends of Biological Activity Studies

Parameters govern microbial enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) performance in real-structure micromodels

How does pressure affect the molecular dynamics, intramolecular interactions, and the relationship between structural (α) and secondary (JG-β) relaxation above and below the glass transition temperature in binary mixtures of H-bonded API - probucol and acetylated saccharides?

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An experimental and kinetic modeling study of cyclopentane and dimethyl ether blends

Biotemplating of a Highly Porous Cellulose–Silica Composite from Apium graveolens by a Low-Toxicity Sol–Gel Technique

Determination of Fracture Toughness of Mode I Fractures from Three-Point Bending Tests at Elevated Confining Pressures

Strategies and Challenges on Selectivity of Photocatalytic Oxidation of Organic Substances

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Sooting propensity dependence on pressure of ethylbenzene, p-xylene, o-xylene and n-octane in laminar diffusion flames

The influence of the equation of state on the cellular structure of gaseous detonations

Supercritical CO2–subcritical H2O system: A green reactive separation medium for selective conversion of glucose to 5-hydroxymethylfurfural

The Effect of Pressure on NOx Entitlement and Reaction Timescales in a Premixed Axial Jet-In-Crossflow

A comprehensive review on critical affecting parameters on foam stability and recent advancements for foam-based EOR scenario

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Wooden Chest Syndrome: Fentanyl Induced Chest Wall Rigidity

Pressure-dependent Modulation of Inward-Rectifying K+ Channels: Implications for Cation Homeostasis and K+ Dynamics in Glaucoma.

Combination Therapy of Fenestrated-Fontan Procedure with Medication Improved Double-outlet Right Ventricle in Adulthood

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Experimental study and demonstration of pilot-scale oxy-coal combustion at elevated temperatures and pressures

Thermal characterization of crude oils by pressurized differential scanning calorimeter (PDSC)

Studying structural and local dynamics in model H-bonded active ingredient - Curcumin in the supercooled and glassy states at various thermodynamic conditions.

Development and testing of dry gas seals for turbomachinery in multiphase CO2 applications


Experimental Studies of Liquid Injector Response and Wall Heat Flux in a Rotating Detonation Rocket Engine

Monodisperse droplet formation by spontaneous and interaction based mechanisms in partitioned EDGE microfluidic device

Assessment of flammability and explosion risks of natural gas-air mixtures at high pressure and high temperature

Shock tube study of the rate constants for H + O2 + M → HO2 + M (M = Ar, H2O, CO2, N2) at elevated pressures

Determination of the performance limits of flame arresters at increased oxygen concentrations

Relations between the Structural α-Relaxation and the Johari-Goldstein β-Relaxation in Two Monohydroxyl Alcohols: 1-Propanol and 5-Methyl-2-hexanol.

Experimental study on the flammability limits of natural gas/air mixtures at elevated pressures and temperatures

Reversible Nature of Coke Formation on Mo/ZSM‐5 Methane Dehydroaromatization Catalysts

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Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx over V2O5-WO3-TiO2 SCR Catalysts—A Study at Elevated Pressure for Maritime Pre-turbine SCR Configuration

Tuning the Hydrophobicity of Layer-Structure Silicates To Promote Adsorption of Nonaqueous Fluids: Effects of F– for OH– Substitution on CO2 Partitioning into Smectite Interlayers

The Physics of Plasma Ion Chemistry: A Case Study of Plasma Polymerization of Ethyl Acetate.

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Designing CO2-Responsive Multifunctional Nanoscale Fluids with Tunable Hydrogel Behavior for Subsurface Energy Recovery

Effect of super-ambient conditions on the upper explosion limit of ethane/oxygen and ethylene/oxygen mixtures

High-Pressure Modification of BiI3

A systematic numerical study of the laminar burning velocity of iso-octane/syngas/air mixtures

Investigating the shear rheology of molten instant coffee at elevated pressures using the Cambridge multipass rheometer

Progress and perspectives in high-purity substance production for semiconductor industry

Vesico-ureteral Reflux

Computational Investigation of the Effect of Pressure on Protein Stability.

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Evaluation of Thermal Condition of Turbocharger Rotor Bearing

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Physical modeling of chemical membrane degradation in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells: Influence of pressure, relative humidity and cell voltage

Non-monotonic behavior of flame instability of 1,3-butadiene/O2/He mixture up to 1.5 MPa

Design and Analysis of S-CO2 Cycle and Radial Turbine for SOFC Vehicle Waste-Heat Recovery

Formation and evolution of flame kernels in autoignition of a turbulent hydrogen/air mixing layer at 50 atm

Investigation of Combustion Characteristics of Premixed Propane/Air Flame

Disruption of microalgae with a novel continuous explosive decompression device

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Square Planar Cobalt(II) Hydride versus T-Shaped Cobalt(I): Structural Characterization and Dihydrogen Activation with PNP-Cobalt Pincer Complexes.

High-Pressure Pool-Boiling Heat Transfer Enhancement Mechanism on Sintered-Particle Wick Surface

In-situ pore-scale imaging and image-based modelling of capillary trapping for geological storage of CO2

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